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Friday, October 07, 2005

A Brand New Look - Part II

Never try to juggle, laundry, beef stew, running errands, and trying to finish a huge project in the same morning. I found a sale on round steak yesterday and already had my menu planned for today when we started in on furniture and all that. I started the meat in the crock potearly this morning, went back 20 minutes later, plugged it in, did a bunch of sorting and putting away of videos (they're completed) ran some errands, and came back to find someone had unplugged the crock pot. No one will cop to it. Girls innocent, they're in school. I think my daughter unplugged it thinking it was the toaster. They're the same color plug. I started over cooking the meat on top of the stove. It'll be fine but my electric stove is much more expensive and energy wasteful than the crockpot.

The great thing about leaving, however, is I returned to find my husband's (Battlestar Galactica) side of the room almost completed. I'm not even going to ask where he stashed it all. There are things we're better off not knowing.

My video collection is back in numerical order (I have an index) and my dvd's are once again separated from his. Still have the cd's and books to go but I have to figure out a place for them first. I gained some shelf space but the cd's are in racks. I'll think about it for a while; it's after 12 and I'm fading a little. I keep my books reasonably organized and we have lots of bookshelves around the house. The audio/video was doing me in along with Rays medicines, kids medicine, bandaids, lotions, and all the other "ouch" stuff that goes with kids. If I don't keep it in sight, it melts away. Not to mention miscellaneous tools, batteries, parts of kids' toys, on and on. I've been on tool strike for a while. I've sorted, organized, put away to have it all undone the first time someone looks for a screwdriver. Ray always manages to find things - he has his own system, whatever that is. As long as I can find 2 AA batteries when the girls ask, he may use any system he wishes. Just leave my anal side of the room alone.

L. just weighed in with the relative merits of foil wrapped curry v. the Chef. No contest so far as I'm concerned. What I know of Japanese food I love but I never thought about curry being Japanese. Whatever, it sounds wonderful. I'm a sashimi fan. On my only trip to Hawaii years ago, the hotel in Honolulu offered a Sunday brunch buffet where, for once in my life, I had all the sashimi I could eat. No burnout; I could have gone right back the next day. I'm sure the food here doesn't meet Japanese standards, but I still like it. I like Tex-Mex too and steam table Chinese all you can eat buffets. I have no room to criticize the girls for Chef Boyardee and Franco American.

Gawdessness is right about sorting through stuff. Other peoples' junk is more interesting but I found things hidden away I had forgotten completely.

I'm working on my book, Roger, one posting at a time. I'll never be able to sell it as autobiography; no one would believe me. Perhaps I'll change the names and call it science fiction. My writing teacher years ago was fond of saying "omit unnecessary words". He handed out little copies of E. B. White "Elements of Style". I learned from him how to write concisely but I seem to have forgotten. I still have that book; perhaps it's time for a review. Nope, I think I'll take a nap instead.

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L. said...

Ann, you seem to do as much laundry as I do. I love your descrption: "If I don't keep it in sight, it melts away." You wouldn`t believe what I found when we moved.