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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I don't have the first idea for a title

Gawdessness - no computer? Using your son's? How awful. I wondered why you hadn't surfaced in the last couple of days (last I remember you were headed for Sunday School).

L. I have camels and elephants on my dvd of Aida but I've never been lucky enough to see it live. The most famous productions are the hardest to get to. Tickets are sold out immediately.

A few years ago here, I was trying to replace my cd of the complete Symphonic version of "Les Miserables" and the Sam Goode clerk was totally bewildered. I made the mistake first of saying Les Miz, then I spelled the whole thing for him and tried to explain how well known it was. Not in his world, evidently. He was a sweetie and found it for me even though he didn't know what it was he had found. Kind of like my husband looking for opera videos and coming home with Swan Lake. I'm grateful for the effort.

I have one of these overscheduled days today but I'll try to catch up with your blog and all the others later. Carol has chemo, the kids have their after school program and I finally got out this morning and purchased gobs of cheap candy and three pumpkins. I still have to find cheap makeup. They have a choice of six costumes to choose from, courtest of a 1/2 price sale plus buy 2 get 1 at the thrift store. I have five fancy dresses and one large green lizard complete with long tail. Or maybe it's an alligator. I told Rochelle she and I would work on angel wings. She doesn't know yet not to let me near an art or craft. I crochet, knit, and even tat but that's different. They don't involve paint and glue. The pumpkin patch has moved almost 20 miles out of town and even though gas has dropped about 20¢/gallon it's still expensive. Have you ever tried to find 3 identical pumpkins? They don't mind variety when they pick out their own but if I buy one 3 oz larger than the rest, they will notice and we'll have sulking and pouting.

Everybody please notice the cent sign in the last paragraph. Now I have to find a reason to use degree in a sentence and see if I can make that work. I saved my new friend's comments to a folder labeled ann blog but I think that code may be permanently embedded in my brain. She came back and told me you have to use the number pad. There may have been a time when I knew that but it's ancient history.

Roger's comments were part of the 23rd posting, 5th line. I had that figured out; just couldn't find them. He said sometimes the server is slower than the same comments in my gmail box. . Oh - duh. They're both interesting once they're back in context.

On my way out with Carol. Aren't you all glad you talked me into this? Not.


Insomniac Diary said...

I don't know whether to divorce yahoo or blogger or both. Finally signed a truce with Yahoo but blogger and I still feuding. Couldn't access your comment section until I xd out of your blog and found the square hiding under the blog. Curses! Now it robably won't show up on your blog.

Angel said...

I think you can find the complete symphonic Les Mis on My daughter and I loooooove that musical :) I think you and I have very similar musical tastes ;)