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Saturday, October 22, 2005

I don't understand blogs at all

L. said she could see the titles so I went on a search. On my computer, they have moved since yesterday to the right hand side at the very earliest visible post. Almost as if they slid downhill. Also I keep getting messages from my scanner. It wants to scan something that isn't there.

I think we're on our way to the "dime carnival" in a few minutes. Girls are getting into their costumes. I was hoping for help, but their mom went to San Francisco to visit her folks today. Looks like it's just me unless Ray suddenly volunteers. Depends on whether he's up for it. Spirit is willing, etc. I'll probably take the wheelchair for Elcie. Sometimes she gets pushed around in a crowd when she uses the crutches. I don't think anyone does it on purpose; they just don't notice.

We had our usual high calorie Saturday breakfast - a little earlier than usual. I'll probably bend the "junk" guidelines once again and get them something nutritionally useless at the carnival as well which will get me out of dinner nicely. I know they sell tacos, burritos, and probably cotton candy and other stuff. They usually aren't too interested in dinner when they've had a big day. Ray and I can snack after they're in bed.

I just finished up an email to a friend telling her Rochelle was back in her Bloody Mary costume. I know - I helped her tie it at her bloody neck. She went in, took a bath, and came back out as Scooby Doo. It's a little high water on her (last year's) but maybe she can get one more wearing out of it if she doesn't split the pants in the bounce house. My God, she just put my S. F. '49er starter jacket over it.

Think maybe I should go supervise? Naw, it's much more fun this way. Rebecca just came in wearing a purple towel. Nothing else. She has now removed the towel, added panties, lipstick and a hat.

Ray just offered to go. I have trouble sometimes getting the wheelchair together although Rochelle usually can do it with me. We'll just stay for an hour. That's plenty of time for them to get through everything.

The advantage to being an older "parent" is that I've been down this road before and I have a better idea this time around of what's important and what isn't. The down side is we no longer have the stamina to do many of the things that younger parents do.

Scooby has changed into a slinky black dress with purple collar, a Dracula cape, and a fright mask. No, she took off the fright mask - said it smelled. I keep a large sack of dress up clothes and costumes from past years. She may be working her way through them all.

It's just my personal opinion, but the kids seem to have more fun in creating these bizarre costumes than they would in the overpriced "fad" of the year.

Rebecca finally decided on slinky purple satin jumpsuit with a black net blouse over it. Ray's putting the chair in the car so guess we're off and running (after stopping at bank). It's a cheap afternoon out but still those dimes can add up. We might surprise them with dinner out. Depends on behaviour and how tired we are. Just noticed I stuck a "u" in behavior. I've been hanging around Gawdessness too long. Think I'll just leave it - I kind of like the look.



Gawdessness said...

Hoping and expecting that you had a great time at the dime carnival. That is such a good idea. Our city is a bit too big for much of that kind of thing. Have managed to find and make it in the smaller intentional communities that we are a part of though.

Makes a lot of sense to me that the kids would enjoy making their own distinctive look rather than a premade costume every third kid is going to be wearing.

This seems to be the time of year for eating more and more junk in one space. We just had our Halloween Walk last night and that involves a lot of candy and chips and treats etc. Today I'm going to try and make a little headway and offer up slightly more bland and nutritious offerings as a balance.

It is a matter of slightly odd personal pride with me to try and maintain Canadian spelling and pronounciation. So for me it is a to zed, not zee. Centre not center. Maybe it's because learning to spell was such a huge accomplishment for me that I just don't want to give up that which I have learned.
Or it could be just living in the shadow of the huge, powerful country to the south.

U is good :).

L. said...

Glad to hear that Rebecca left the house wearing more than a purple towel, panties and lipstick -- she has to wait to be a legal adult before she can wear a Halloween costume like that!

Insomniac Diary said...

My kids and grands always enjoyed creating their own costumes and painting their faces. Eldest son was about 10 or 11 when he dressed as a pirate and used my eyebrow pencil liberally for mustache and fierce eyebrows. He did not consult me re: removing the makeup. He simply shaved off his eyebrows with his father's razor.He looked very strange for a long time until his brows regrew.
Re: spelling. I used to spell and pronounce strictly American, but after traveling and living overseas so much, I now find myself often using British or French spelling and sometimes even pronounciation. Some people think it is an affectation but it's just that my brain is confused. They should hear the Tex-Mex spanish garbled up with French. I sound like an idiot.But both have Latin roots and some words are similar.

Uncle Roger said...

When you've owned land rovers as long as I have, you tend to pick up british terms and spelling -- you lift the bonnet to see the motor, fill it with bloody expensive petrol, and so on. And, yes, you get upset at the rover's behaviour (or lack thereof, all too often.)

Had a friend that came over from England who told stories of the first time he came over and asking someone (in SF), "Got a fag?" or walking into a stationers and asking for a "pencil with a rubber on it".

Personally, I'm not a fan of halloween... especially what it has become in this country (the gruesomeness and all). That, plus an almost pathological distaste of make-up puts it at the bottom of the list for me. (And this, in a town, where it's one of the biggest holidays.) Although, I do remember being a young teenager, in the castro on Halloween, wearing plenty of make-up and in the company of an older man... (It was my dad and I had just come from a performance at the opera house and stopped off at the Safeway for something -- but boy, the looks we got!)

Anyway, I digress... spell it anyway you want.

P.S., I saw your e-mail, but haven't had a chance to respond (I'm on Rachel's computer now.)