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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ice cream cake

Roger, Ray & I were talking about that tonight. It oes work for everyone and Rebecca would feel very special with that luxury item. She's used to Grandma's cakes. I bet she'll adapt quickly. The grocery store's version here is pretty awful so I may bite the bullet and head for Baskin-Robbins. Birthdays are only once a year. We don't have nearly the choices here that the city did.

L., what I call a pastry blender is a half-moon shaped thingie with a horizontal handle and knives across the "smile" of the half-moon. It's used to "cut" flour and shortening together usually. You grasp the handle firmly and "cut" the ingredients until they're are small lumps. I missed that part of the recipe - just glanced at the ingredients and the magic word "microwave" and recognized it. I don't remember doing that much work with my version of the recipe but it's been a while since I made them. I do, however, own a pastry blender because I still make "scratch" biscuits once in a while.

Still waiting for girls.

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Gawdessness said...

Oooh - I posted about ice cream cake before I read this!

I have made them myself in the past.
Allow tubs of ice cream to soften, smush into two cake pans of the same size, freeze. Later unmold with crushed cookies and chocolate sauce as the middle layer.


Pastry cutter, I have one of them and barely use it.
I have never seemed to get the consistancy right for the dough. Maybe too impatient? Think so.

Now I use a yogurt starter base and go from there...seem to work out okay.