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Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's so quiet here

Girls are standing in line (Elcie sitting) at the theater. Their mom has called me twice. Once to tell me Rebecca was getting sleepy and what should she do. The second time to tell me they were getting closer to the front. I haven't heard from her since so I'm hoping they made the first show. I think Rebecca will rejoin the party once they're inside.

Elcie was a bride. She has a wedding dress her Grandma Carol found for her at a thrift store some time ago and drug it out today. She looked beautiful. Rochelle turned into Dracula, totally in black with cape and one of those horrible masks. I'll try to get a picture but it could have been anybody. Rebecca wore her princess dress (more like Esmeralda actually) with Carmen type makeup, complete with beauty spot, and a bright kerchief. She looked very gypsyish and exotic. Usually Rochelle takes the exotic prize with her features and coloring. Rebecca just looks cute but tonight I had a vision of what she'll look like in a few years and can envision sitting on my front stoop with a shotgun. Kidding!!! I took pictures of Elcie and Rebecca but Rochelle was already in the car waiting. I'll make sure I do tomorrow but I don't have a clue what she'll be wearing. Neither does she until she finally puts something on.

Our power was out sporadically during the day. Just a few minutes at a time but still annoying. Then my "mouse" went on strike. I switched back to the old one and nothing. It finally started functioning, barely. I had become so spoiled to the optical that going back was torture. I finally called the girls' dad who brought his extra over. Sure makes a difference but I wish I knew what was wrong with mine. I've had it for 3 or 4 months but there shouldn't have been anything to wear out. It's not cordless so it wasn't a battery problem. Strange.

Elcie and Rebecca may wear costumes to school tomorrow. The elementary school seems to go on a class by class basis this year. I'm scratching my head in puzzlement. Rochelle may not care but can't they make a decision for the whole school? I opt for costumes; one distraction a year won't kill them, and it's so far removed these days from either a Christian or Celt/druid affair that church/state issue seems a little far fetched.

However, we observed All Saints' Day in church today. It was a memorial for members who died during the last year and then a candle lighting ceremony for anyone who wished to participate. I got a little weepy; probably because of the candles, the music, and thinking about people I've loved, especially the boys' dad, who are no longer here. I'm fine now. I do that every once in a while and it passes. It isn't really grieving, not after almost 18 years, it's just memories. Ray reached over and held my hand and it was okay.

Took all of them out to brunch after church to celebrate Rebecca's birthday a day early. Elcie had a smiley face pancake and R & R each had chicken and fries. I'm glad this month is almost over; they're over their french fry allotment for the month. Not that that troubles them. I convinced Rebecca that cake on Tuesday rather than Monday was a good idea. She said she didn't care so much about the birthday cake as the ice cream. "But Rebecca, we have to have candles." "Grandma, you can put them on the ice cream." We will probably have a cake even if the birthday girl doesn't want any. The other two would be crushed if we didn't. Chocolate, I think with orange and black sprinkles for Halloween. That's the limit of my creativity with things artistic.

It's hard to believe our 2 pounder will be in double digits tomorrow. I have never seen any baby as tiny and helpless as she was. Even my two preemies weren't that little. She was a fighter then and a fighter now. If you ever stumble across this, Rebecca, I love you and Happy Birthday from Grandma Ann. I love you too Elcie and Rochelle. It isn't a contest, remember?

It's a little after eight. They must have made the early show or they would have called back. I'd better close this off and get ready for them to come home and tell me all about it, all talking at once unless they fall asleep in the car and have to be carried in, one by one.


Uncle Roger said...

Ice Cream Cake -- Works for every one. 8^)

L. said...

You know, someday the girls will love to read this blog and relive their childhoods as seen through your eyes....

Gawdessness said...

I hope that you keep these posts for your girls. There is so much love here, they will never, ever doubt it.

I have a bday for my daughter on Wed. she is not a cake fan, so we will have ice cream cake - actually for her we will have rice dream cake.

Whatever works.
Love hearing about their costumes!
I will have to write about my kids' choices too on my blog!

Granny said...

Happy birthday to your daughter.