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Monday, October 17, 2005

I've learned to make them smaller!!!

Somehow no one remembered to get Elcie out of her chair and help her out of her coat. I would have asked for a retake but I love the expression on her face. It's very Elcie - more than the photo at the top of the blog which is nice but looks more posed. Rebecca always looks like the Halloween child that she is. She has hair - she just chose to pull it all back and go for the skinned rabbit look.

I'm still waiting for their new pictures but now that I know how to do them (somewhat), I won't have to bug my anonymous friend for help getting them on here.

I now have one more thing to add to the list of "things I can do". Next is learning to move them around. I wonder if I can count getting pictures on the blog and making them smaller as two things.

This has been a good day. Elcie hasn't stomped off once, we've had no major brawls among the crew, the weather has cooled down to a pleasant 75 degrees (still haven't figured out how to do a degree sign in spite of good advice from a friend), and dinner was leftovers from yesterday. Elcie has rediscovered the "Classics for Kids" cd I gave her over a year ago. She set Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on repeat. I never knew I would rather cover my ears than listen to Mozart one more time. At least she's listening and enjoying; there may be hope for her yet. Best of all, I've had two days of freedom from homework.

Tomorrow, we run the van through smog testing and pray a lot. Registration is due on 18th and I procrastinated. It passed with flying colors two years ago but it's 14 years old with a lot of miles on it (sort of like me). If it doesn't pass, we'll be allowed at least one and maybe two extensions as long as I pay the registration. We'll see what happens. I like my mini-van. It's reasonable on gas, it holds seven plus Elcie's chair, and it's covered with bumper stickers as I think I mentioned before. It may look like a traveling junk heap but it's paid for and it's my junk heap.

I've actually managed to refrain from whining and dwelling on homework. It's the small pleasures that count. I think I'll stop now before some complaint occurs to me.

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Angel said...

Your girls are so sweet :)