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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Miscellaneous (for lack of anything else to call it).

Good morning

Title: Miscellaneous (for lack of anything else to call it.)

Insomniac - the strange little box covering up the title is where the links to other blogs should go if I ever figure out how to do it. My friend set it up and explained very carefully how it was done. She could have been writing in Sanskrit. I think my mind has just been too fuzzy for it to penetrate. I'll print out her email and try it with the instructions right in front of me. I'd really like to have a list although I think most of you are already visiting the same blogs that I would list. Still I think it's a great idea to have them there. If it's just copy and paste, I may be able to deal with it.

Hi Gawdessness!

I forgot to mention the bandaid wrapper party. Of course mine do that as well only they're usually in my room where the bandaids are, way in the corner of the room where I have to stand on my head to dig them out. I've finally broken them of the habit of using a supersize bandaid for a paper cut. When I see the "paper trail" and they're around, they get to come pick it all up.

We're spread out on one floor so at least I don't have stairs to contend with although all that climbing might be good for me.

The cent sign may have an ASCII code somewhere. I hadn't thought about ASCII in years. It might be on MS Word too. I haven't tried preparing this on Word although it says I can. I don't do anything fancy with this - just type and I can do that anywhere.

I have time to read and post; I just can't seem to find the time to study. I have a good beginner's MS book and individual books on Word, Excel, etc. Problem is, I can't hold the book open with one hand and type with the other and my table is too small to lay them out flat. If I read the instructions and then come back to the computer, I've forgotten everything.

I managed at work to figure out DBase III, Lotus, and three different word processing programs mostly on my own. I don't know why I struggle so with this. I think it may be control issues. I want to do it myself - not have things popping up all over the place.

I should make a list of the things I love about Canada. I've made a few round Detroit to Buffalo trips across the bottom of Ontario. Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere once (there's a lot of that in that part of Canada) and a man stopped. He took us home, fed us dinner, knew exactly who to call, and got us back on our way. He and his wife were prepared to have us stay in their guest room if the repair took more than a day. Almost 50 years ago and I still remember. I'm sure kindness is not exclusive to Canada but it still blew me away. Things I don't love about Canada - the Ambassador Bridge (or is that ours - I'm not sure). At least there's a tunnel from Windsor to Detroit so I have a choice if I ever have to make that run again.

Actually, I know kindness isn't exclusive to Canada. It turned up in a train station in Chicago as well. I was travelling with my two oldest - 16 months apart and both in cloth diapers. My ex whatever he was had misjudged the amount of money to leave me for the trip to Albuquerque to stay with his parents (another horror story). I had to pay for baggage (surprise) which left me with about $7.00 for the trip. When we stopped in Chicago, I walked into the Harveys and ordered one tuna sandwich for Carol and milk so I could fill Rick's bottle. The waitress must have been intuitive because she asked if something was wrong. I told her and she brought two full hot meals and filled the baby bottle. She then went and took up a collection from the staff. I had enough money to feed Carol the rest of the way and buy milk for Ricky. Rick came down with the runs and I showed up in Albuquerque with him diapered in paper towels. Poor baby. I rinsed everything but there's no place to hang diapers on a train. His parents scolded - they weren't on that train with me. What would they have put on him I wonder. I'm so glad they never became my inlaws.

One of the things that struck me early on about Blogging Baby was the same names appearing regularly. So many of them thought much as I did - either I'm not nuts after all or we all are. It's neat that some of them are showing up here as well.

One of the girls is up. Judging from the music I hear coming out of the living room, it's Elcie. I think I'll go say good morning to her and see if she's found something new to kvetch about.

Oh - our stray kitten's owner turned up yesterday. The husband spotted the cat in our front yard, wasn't sure, so had his wife come back with him. Ray said the cat leapt into the wife's arms. Girls are sad to lose Boots (of course we had to name him) but I told them they should be happy for the other family who got their kitty back. Another cat will turn up for us . They always do and we still have our adult cat, Spunky, who must be 7 or 8 by now.



L. said...

I loved your "kindness of strangers" stories. Good people are out there.

My husband just complained that since I quit my job to stay at home, the house is filthy, the clean laundry rarely gets put away, and when he gets home from work I`m always in front of the computer commenting on blogs.

He thinks I should spend less time on the computer. I think I should hire someone to clean the house.

Insomniac Diary said...

Don't feel like the Lone Stranger about having computer problems.I am very "developementally delayed" when it comes to these things, and slink off to the kitchen when my 6 yr. old great- grandchild makes like computer whiz kid of the year. She started out at age 3, for crying out loud!!It took me all these months to figure out the word verification thingy to stop all those adverts on my comments squares. Duh!! So simple!!