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Monday, October 31, 2005

Over the Halloween hump for another year

It's almost 11:00 p.m. PST and girls are sleeping. Tonight was Rochelle's turn to wash black dye and goop out of her hair and a ton of paint from the rest of her body.

Rebecca dressed in a purple (what else) harem outfit, Rochelle was a skeleton (left over from last year) with her vampire cape and Elcie wore the wedding dress once again. Their makeup kit came with silver glitter so they will probably be sparkly for a couple of days. We can never get all that stuff off. We ended up with six kids and four adults (in two cars). It was one of the better celebrations. The church provided punch and nachos, had a costume parade, and a dance for the little kids afterwards. They did the chicken and the twist and some other things I didn't recognize but they did. When we left, everyone was doing the limbo.

They made out like bandits at trunk or treat and then we drove them to the Bates Motel. My favorite Albertson's employee had told me about fixing up his house so we stopped by. It was awesome. He had everything spooky there including himself. I wouldn't have recognized him; fortunately, he recognized us.

We came home to hot chocolate made by my husband while we were out. Yippee!! With marshmallows of course. Might as well go all the way while we're ignoring nutritional values.

Rebecca enjoyed her birthday. She had several small presents from all of us and a new bike from her dad. He had gone looking for new rollerblades and came back with a bike instead. Cake and ice cream tomorrow. I'm still mulling over the suggestions about ice cream cake (bought or home made?). I though home made would be something like Baked Alaska but Gawdessness made it sound simple. Of course a scoop of ice cream plunked down on a slap of cake would be simpler yet. I'll think about it tomorrow.

After all my stewing about a pastry blender, I read the fudge cookie recipe again and the "link" for pastry blender was included. Same picture as the one I found or almost. Once you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all. I was thinking about that recipe. I think I dumped the peanut butter in with everything else that was microwavable and then just stirred the whole gloppy mess together. My recipe probably came from a box of Quaker Oats.

I've been trying to find a recipe for a "no bake" fruit cake which uses Eagle Brand condensed milk (the sweet kind - not evaporated). My friend in Arkansas used to make it and it was nothing like regular fruit cake. I'll keep hunting on line but if it sound familiar to anyone, let me know. I'm already projecting for the next round of holidays.

Mollie, boot sales sound like fun. We had fence sales in S. F. People hung their clothes and whatever on cyclone fences. (I also know what the "bonnet" is.)

I used up half a roll of film and will try to take a few more pictures soon and get them developed. My anonymous friend tells me the dreaded Walmart has digital cameras that will do everything I want for about $30. That's a possibility. Now that I'm doing this, I'd really like the digital. I can never remember to develop film and then there's the hassle of albums as well. Besides, I want to show off with everyone else online instead of showing you halloween pics at Christmas (of 2006).

Star Wars (latest) comes out on DVD tomorrow. My husband may not sleep tonight. One of our California department stores has a commercial which shows a woman tapping on the store window saying "open, open". That's my hubby.

I have begun yawning so suppose I should find a stopping place here somewhere. Morning comes early around here and this is Carol's chemo week which means four trips across town to the Center. Two for chemo, one to remove the plumbing she uses, and one more for weekly blood test. She skips a week and starts again.

I have probably missed someone in the comments but I think I hit the high spots. I'll check again tomorrow when I'm a little wider awake.


ipodmomma said...

you know, it was blogging that made me switch to digital... Peter has a very nice digital camera, and I was just too scared to use it. plus, mine is really very nice... but 35 mm, and it just takes too long to get pics back, plus then you have to scan them in, etc...

for all my love of real film, I have switched over, and don't regret it... (except for the 8 or 9 rolls of film in the kitchen drawer... anyone need 200 speed 35 mm film?)

and except for having to load them up onto shutterfly... I still need paper prints!

have a good shop... did that myself this evening...


Jessie Speer said...

Sounds like a lovely Halloween... it's really a holiday for the kids, isn't it? I remember the joy of Halloween when it was innocent. I'm thinking of my bacchanalian, drunken, mosh pit Castro street Halloween last night. Sometimes I long for the hot chocolate, glitter, and good old fashioned limbo dancing!

Angel said...

Hehehe I like your husband ;) Haven't gotten Star Wars Ep3 yet, but hoping to get it in the next few weeks!