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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Soup and other stuff

This basic recipe for Thai chicken/coconut soup is fairly simple although the writer goes on to complicate it by giving us choices.

Google has a bunch of them, most for Cordon Bleu chefs. Maybe Angel will come through with her recipe.

Gawdessness, I'm with you on gay adoption of course. I read the horror stories of children placed in "traditional" homes and wonder how anyone could do any worse. Of course most "normal" (whatever that is) families are caring, but there is absolutely no evidence that same sex parents aren't as well.

Additionally, they seem to be much more willing to adopt special needs kids; especially the little ones who are HIV positive. The kids might face some problems but they would come from the bigots, not the parents. I don't know about Canada but we have far too many HIV children that need loving homes.

Also, in case no one has noticed, most adult homosexuals come from "traditional", not same sex families. It isn't contagious.

Write your letters; I'll be cheering you on from afar.

Girls are finishing up their pumpkins. I have to go look in a few minutes. I downloaded a few designs but they seem to prefer freestyle. I imagine I'll be seeing a lot of purple. I'm letting them surprise me with their creativity. That way I won't be tempted to suggest or criticize. (Why is surprise spelled with an "s" and criticize with a "z"?) Or is it? I think it is, at least in the U. S.

We have a few palm trees here but we're far from exotic. That would be sunny Southern California. I guess San Francisco would qualify; not so much as exotic as different.

Later - I'm going to see how much paint is on pumpkins and how much on girls, floor, and table. Nice thing about acrylic; it peels right off.


Gawdessness said...

Palm trees ARE exotic.
Heck so are maple trees they don't grow that well on the prairie.

The soup - it was delish!
Absolutely superb. Nummy!
My husband and I finished off the amount I made between us. With some toast and butter.

Thanks for the heads up on the recipe. We didn't have limes or lemon grass but made do and it did.

I can't remember if we said yes or no to adopting HIV positive kids, but I think it was yes. The safety rules to follow aren't really that difficult to adapt too as far as I am aware.

I also don't know if it is a huge problem here, any child with it is of course a huge problem but what I meant was that I don't think they make up a large portion of either the foster adopt population or generally.

I should go and look.

San Francisco is one of the places that I think I would like to go to. If only to run in the marathon.

4AM Sleepwalker said...

American English is a very confusing language. Spelling apparently isn't too important anymore. I see misspelled words in newspapers, magazines, legal papers, etc, including my own writings, usually after I have posted. I used to be the biological ambulatory version of Noah Webster for the family; everyone called me for vocabulary, spelling, definitions, etc. Now I have to check the hardbound real Webster to spell cat and get the definition. Bummer.Will try the soup. That word verification sounds like someone choked.

4AM Sleepwalker said...

PS> Did you get the warning about the Osama computer virus? If so, did you verify it was a bona fide baddie? If so again, pass the warning on.You have a larger audience than I do.

Uncle Roger said...

When I looked at the page at recipeland, I was drawn to the picture of the tasty treat on the right side of the screen -- a young woman selling something having to do with one's metabolism. If you want a huge collection of recipes sans ads, try

Angel said...

Sorry it took me so long Granny, but the recipe is finally up ;)