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Sunday, October 23, 2005

We have pictures

I have about 10 minutes before I leave with bell ringers. I won't even try to describe what they're wearing except to say one is in purple velveteen and tights, the other I'm not sure at moment. Rebecca changed three times between when I left with Elcie and came back.

I didn't realize the snap of the girls came through. It looked from this end like I had frozen the computer trying to send it. Anyhow, that's the girls' mom. Rochelle is her clone. It might be a year old and both Elcie and Rochelle can look her in the eye now. Their mom is as cute as a bug. Where in the world did that expression come from?

I have a couple of old photo albums but not too many transferred to the computer yet. My Uncle Jim was the oldest of his family and wasn't young when I was little. He built me a violin and small guitar and tried his best to teach me to play. I can get the notes right but I lack whatever it takes to be good at the strings. He finally accepted that I belonged with my piano. We used to play duets. Lord, how much of this I had almost forgotten. When I was in my early teens, he used to come to our hours once a week for dinner and I'd always make "johnnycake" for him. He swore mine was better than my mom's and certainly better than his wife's who couldn't boil water. I think he just thought I could do no wrong; my mom and I used the same recipe. She taught me. He was a piano tuner, a violinist (or fiddler), the town photographer, and Lord knows what else. He may have been born around the time of the Civil War; I'd have to go back and look it up to be sure. Cranky, definitely eccentric, and fascinating.

From one side of my family, I learned about classical music and art and developed my progressive, stubborn liberalism. From the other I learned Baptist hymns on the piano, picked up my continuing love affair with baseball, and learned how to clean a chicken coop and candle eggs.

Not a bad education, all around. As I go through the old albums, I might put one of those old pictures on.

Got to go. Have lots of tissues in purse. Partly because of this cold I've picked up and partly if I start leaking from the eyes watching my three "cherubs".

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Gawdessness said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your bell ringing cherubs!

At church this morning one of the cherubs in my class was having a hissy fit on the floor, I bent over him to talk to him quietly and he beaned me in the lip with his hard little head!

Your "home" education sounds pretty spot on. The mix of progressive liberalism and baptist hymns is such a great combination.

I've never actually cleaned a chicken coop but I have dusted chickens against lice. (at summer camp).