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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Any frustrated people? this is for you.

Once again Chicago Sun-Times Quick Takes


Using your head

QT News You Can Use:

T.T., an Albuquerque, N.M., reader, wants you to know that banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

End quote
(like that better Dave?)

So far, 7 people like the new look (no negatives so far) so maybe I'll leave that glaring yellow the way it is. VMC has offered to fix it for me so I won't have to do it manually every time. All I have to do is read his email at least 3 more times to make sure I don't zap something (like the entire blog) in the process.


and family came through the Arkansas tornados safely. I'm relieved.

Elcie is having a homework hissy. She came home with a page of common denominator problems (oh no, fractions again - will it never end?) and no written instructions except to find the sums. She expected step by step directions. I said no problem, I'd walk her through it. She was too upset to listen and finally said she was starving. Lucky thing dinner was ready a little early so I fed her. Now she's back at the table still fuming. She doesn't like the way I do them. "That's not the way we do them in class". But she can't remember how she did them in class. She just knows mine must be wrong because it's simple. Her way involves drawing diagonal lines so she can't see the original numbers or remember what she's supposed to do next. I'll go back later to check them but right now I'm letting her do it wrong even though it takes every ounce of self control I possess. She's become skilled at finding the denominator but doesn't know what to do with the top half before she adds.

Of course I may be surprised and she will have figured it out on her own. I hope so. She's working on sentence composition now so one way or the other, she did something. When she gets in these moods, we're both better off if I leave her alone for a while. It always passes.

Rochelle hit her head on the bottom of the top bunk last night. She's fine today but we watched her for a while. (Some of you have already heard this - sorry)

Rebecca swiped Rochelle's treat a few minutes ago and has been presented with an opportunity to think about the error of her ways.

Eight more years!!

Elcie is now smiling. Finished everything except the mini reading report she does each day and usually she's up early enough (by choice) to do that in the morning when she's fresh.

We've lost our sunny CA weather I think. It's rained off and on and temps (high) in mid 50's (F). Our Santa parade is this Saturday and if the forecast is to be believed, it should be sunny and a little warmer. We'll bundle up. The girls are almost past Santa but we humor each other and it's a small town parade with lots of candy thrown out to the kids. In some ways I prefer the small town parades with the local middle school and high school bands, classic cars, and floats to the Macy extravaganza. The girls rode on the church float last year. Elcie was Mary holding the Baby. We were watching from the sidewalk when she went by and our pastor called out to Rochelle and Rebecca to get on board. He hauled them up and they rode the rest of the way. Great fun for them. I don't think they're doing one this year. Many of the kids from last year have graduated.

Santa also makes a trip through the neighborhood, usually on a fire truck, the first week in December. Busy man - I wonder when he finds the time. He's also maintaining at least two blogs in addition to his voluminous correspondence, phone calls, and other chores.

Ray and Elcie have just begun watching Star Wars (New Hope). It's new to Elcie if not the rest of us.

Rochelle needs help on sentences so I'd better close this out. First time she's asked for help in a while. She's blaming the bump on her head. I think they're all overtired and it's bedtime for the Bonzos early. Now she's decided to run an errand with mommy and have mommy help with sentences. Okay this once but mommy has a tendency to do it for her so I'll make sure that doesn't happen. At least it will separate them for a little while and I can start with Rebecca.

Let's see if I can turn it yellow again.


Andrea said...

El and I think exactly the same when it comes to math. By sheer dumn luck I passed math 12 with a P and got the biggest hug ever from my dad for the acheivement. MAth and I were never friends. I had to do one year of summer school as well as three years of toutors. AUGH!! Still suck. I pray my daughter does not inherit this, so does my hubby.

Mother Damnable said...

what a lovely catch up thanks Granny, how many Father Christmaseseses?

Yesterday was the begining of Divali and I surprised several people by wishing them a happy time!

Call me an old cynic but I have this feeling that school wants to confuse children re math, I know they did with my son. My Grandfather's degree was in pure math and he taught me to relax and not let "schooling" worry me too much.

Best of luck Andrea! Good to meet you :>)