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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Be the change you wanna see

The title came from a commenter on HollyReah's blog and I borrowed it and used it as a title so I wouldn't forget it. It would have taken me a couple of paragraphs to explain myself and this commenter did it in six words. Awesome.

My cold seems to have returned with a vengeance. I made it to church this morning with the girls (Ray's feeling puny too) and then came home and caved in. I was supposed to take the girls to a birthday party but ended up sending them with their mom. If this is a cold and not just the lousy air quality, I don't need to be spreading it to a bunch of kids. Elcie stayed home too - someone will bring her cake.

Mollie, I don't like I-5 either but the last time I drove to Chico on 99, I ran into a horrible stretch of road that was closer to gravel. I came back on I-5 that time.

The Sun-Star used to be horrible, one of those papers with nothing in it. It was purchased by the company who owns the Sacto, Fresno, and Modesto Bees. Don't know why they didn't change our name while they were about it. They copy many of their editorials from Sacto and Fresno, but they have some decent writers of their own.

Here's a description of the company. Normally I'd be worried about one company having a monopoly on all the local papers, but they're not too bad and are giving their local editors a lot of freedom so far.

We've had a lot of luck with media coverage on progressive issues. At the same time they include some ranting, but that's why we have a 1st Amendment. They actually came out against Prop 73 (parental notification). They copied the Sacto Bee's Editorial but that's okay. The same woman who wrote the "vigil" article interviewed Tim and me about "coming out" and families of gay children. A brave topic for Merced. We're waiting to see what she does with it.

The girls are back and brought enough chocolate cake with sprinkles for everyone. Yummy.

They're counting down to camp. So am I. Two more days. I'm putting off the packing until tomorrow. I remember when we sent Elcie two years ago. We packed everything perfectly (almost) for her and she came back with a jumbled up mess. I understand that's typical though, not just Elcie. I'm already envisioning multiplying the mess by two. I've about decided to spring for a couple of cameras. They may want their own photos. Elcie took about five pictures of the same redwood but it's her camera. It will be interesting to see the difference between what Rochelle and Rebecca do with film.

Rochelle's going through a clingy stage lately, She's always been the love bug but lately, she's at the car door before I can pick up the keys. Today, she stayed in church with me while Rebecca went to Sunday School. I should enjoy it while it lasts. Tim was much that way too; hanging out with me while his brother Jim was off and running on the skateboard. Today, we had our fellowship hall set up with tables featuring the various "ministries" of the church (complete with snacks). Rochelle almost wiped out the corn chips and guacamole single handed. I had to caution her against licking the dip off her chip and re-dipping it. I may start making guacamole now that someone other than me (and Ray who will eat anything) will eat it. Theother girls love avocado but not mashed up. I've been a member for 10 years and didn't realize how much community work we do (very low key - no preaching). They want me on the Social Action committee and I've just about decided to try it. Our PFLAG group is part of their outreach. The Committee meets while the girls are in school so it won't take time away from them and I like the direction the local chrch is heading, especially in view of some the national headlines we Methodists have been making lately. It will be the last thing I join. If I try to do too many things at once, either nothing will be accomplished or it'll take time away from family. Everything seems to be a balancing act.

Rochelle and Elcie just left for the corner store and Rebecca is heading for yet another party with one of the neighbor girls. It's so quiet.

Once in a while I get discouraged about Christianity and then I remember that the person who said "blessed are the meek" and "blessed are the peacemakers" (along with "suffer the little children to come unto me") must be as appalled by the Robertson shenanigans as I. I decide to hang in a little longer. Robertson doesn't speak for me.

We're trying to coax a scared kitten out from under the bed. I'd leave him alone - he'll get curious soon enough but Ray feels he must do something. He just went and got the mama cat to see if she has better luck.

I think I'll lie down for a little while and see if I can shake a little of this feeling lousy without sleeping half the night and waking at 3:00 a.m.


L. said...

Hope you feel better....
So many of the other school moms are sick, too, and coughing all over the place, but so far I seem to have avoided it.
My toe is still swollen, though, and I still can`t wear normal shoes (whimper, whimper, poor me).

Gawdessness said...

Mahatma Ghandi said it too. It is beautiful. Read a book about his life story to the kids at church not that long ago.

To me, that hate monger Pat Robertson has nothing to do with church, spirituality or christianity. Not really. He is a horrible little man. Or at least that is the impression he has always made on me.
Pretty sure my grandmother wouln't like him.

I love guacamole - or avacados in any form. I do believe that I would like it as an icecream!

Church is very important to me and my family life. Your church really doesn't sound far off of mine at all in so many ways. Have a feeling we could have a real meeting of minds.

Chocolate cake with sprinkles sounds fabulous and it is making me very, very hungry for chocolate. Has nothing to do with PMS, I am so sure.

So how long are the girls at camp for? A long weekend?
I have never sent my kids to sleepaway camp. The idea of it fascinates me. I went when I was a kid but...well it is all different. I struggle with being over vigilant some times. Sigh.

Have to add that poor L.s toe is in my thoughts. Am staring at her comment as I write this.

So glad that you enjoyed Neil Young! I was so taken by that song WHEN GOD MADE ME. It just clicked for me when I heard it.
Hope you are feeling chipper and bright eyed and bushy tailed and all the other things that mean better soon.


ipodmomma said...

sending you many get well vibes...

we have a guy in Northern Ireland, Rev. Ian Paisley, who reminds me lots of Robertson and his ilk. Paisley is a unionist, and really hates Sinn Fein, IRA, etc...

and I just have a hard time reconciling those who claim to be people of God simultaneous'y spouting such vitrolic rhetoric... just really makes me so sad...

did the kitten come out? how old is he? I'm the only one here who likes guacamole, so I rarely make it, or I'd eat it all. what I miss is CA-style salsa... big chunky chopped veg in water-think 'sauce'. the kids like jar salsa... blah! we used to go to Casa Lupe in Hamilton City when I was a kid, and now every time we go back and have a visit with Aunt Ruby, she takes all who come along there for lunch...

last time I was on 99 was in May, and it seemed pretty good then. but they had just paved over a section, or so it seemed... it's just this highway of my childhood; I'd go to near Sac with my dad, when he needed tractor parts. (although by now where we went would probably be a part of Sac...) on the way there, or on the way home we'd stop at this cafe in Yuba City, the name of which escapes me...

I remember the hot, long drive, because as a kid that drive felt like forever. long before the days of walkmans, dicsmans and MP3 players. I can't even remember if Dad'd truck has a radio player!

how funny the ways some things stay with you... and others are lost for good...

my girls go to GS camp every June, and love it. I am NOT a camper. but they are gone for 2 1/2 days, come home grungy and rather happy. I hope R&R have a ball!


Andrea said...

I agre, the title sums up so much.

I have not said this before but you are the busiest granny ever. Do you ever actually get to be a real granny? From what I can tell you are a guardian and really a mom, but are you a granny? It must be so hard. I can not imagine.