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Friday, November 18, 2005

Found - one camera

The 87¢ flashlight still hasn't surfaced but at least it didn't contain a roll of film (used). Rochelle told me she "wasted" all her film. It's her expression for using something up. Rebecca took one picture. Maybe I can remember to drop Rochelle's camera, along with the one from Halloween, off tomorrow.

I won a free dinner at Hometown Buffet so we took all three tonight after the vigil. After that ran to pick up cat food and laundry detergent and then back home.

Rebecca fell asleep on my bed while petting the kitty who homesteads my pillow until I remove her at my bedtime. We woke her (Rebecca) up long enough to fall asleep in the living room. I think Rochelle is asleep as well. Haven't peeked in for a few minutes, but it's very quiet.

They had lots of stories to tell. Rebecca doesn't like walking across bridges - neither do I. She got a prize for something, and she almost got sick on the bus. She saw one dead deer (darn it) and one family with a fawn. Lots of squirrels. No bears. Many tall trees (redwoods).

Rochelle is quieter. She did say she had a good time. She dribbles information - Rebecca lets it all fly at once. I've said before she never met a conjunction she didn't like. I don't know how to end a comment or a post - Rebecca doesn't know how to end a sentence.

Rochelle is worried she might wake up tonight and think she's in her top bunk at camp. Better that, I told her, than actually being in a top bunk and waking up thinking you're home. (At home, she has the bottom, Rebecca the top). She giggled. They sang all their camp songs for us. They danced the dances they learned and showed off their crafts. Same ones Elcie learned two years ago. I remember the one about the big blue marble. They each brought home a huge cookie and most of a sack lunch from the bus trip.

Laundry done. Their sleeping bags and pillows came home clean but everything else was jumbled together and it's easier to wash it all than try to sort it out. A few socks and undies were still in their zip lock bags and I skipped them. Ended up with two loads which wasn't bad at all.

I'm sitting here yawning.

L. and Gawdessness - maybe the reason I sound so active is because I write about it step by step in excruciating detail. It isn't nearly as frantic as it sounds. Both of you leave me in the dust I think.

Gawdessness - I'll use one of the leftover exposures on Rebecca's camera and take a picture of the peg board. It may take a while since my cameras are the photographic equivalent of the pony express.

Andrea - When my boys' dad died, I played Amazing Grace at his memorial service in Arkansas. His brother sang. We both got through it but I still have problems all these years (18) later hearing that song.

I think I'll be sensible for once and call it a night. Tomorrow should be laid back - no alarm clocks ringing and no real schedule. I have things to do but I can set my own pace or even procrastinate one more day.

I'm sure the girls had much more to say - I'm just too fuzzy at the moment to remember much ot if. Good Night.


ipodmomma said...

Hope you have a nice, relaxing night... you certainly deserve it!!

mollie :)))

L. said...

I went to a funeral yesterday, and the children`s choir sang Amazing Grace. There`s something about children`s voices singing hymns....