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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Leftovers - we have leftovers

Kid suffering from refrigerator blindness day after major holiday feast:

"there's nothing to eat in here". (thanks L. - It's a familiar plaint)

The link above from today's Boston Globe has a little political content but I put it on here because I think it will strike a chord with most of us entirely apart from the politics.

My ham is on the stove turning magically into white beans and ham. Plenty for a couple of days. It's cold and clammy here today. I'm sitting here wrapped in a cosy sweater with a blankie over my knees looking very like the granny I am (sans rocker).

Elcie will kill me for the following if she ever checks out the blog.

I owe a thank you to Wood over at Sweet Juniper and she doesn't even know it.
Elcie called me into the bathroom to show me the toilet water was red. No, not the obvious (she had just finished up with that), this was something else. I said "kidney maybe? How long has this been happening?" "Just today, grandma." Nobody was available on Thanksgiving night except emergency room and she had no pain, no fever. I said we'd watch over her and call pediatrician in a.m. Morning, more of the same. I was about to call the doctor when I remembered a post on Sweet Juniper about the care Wood (mommy) took investigating the content of baby's diaper. What goes into a child eventually comes out, even a 12 year old child. Lightbulb went on. "Elcie dear, you have eaten almost a can of plums, many maraschino cherries, a few beets, and most of the cranberry sauce. What do those items have in common?" "Oh yeah, Grandma Ann, they're all red." Eureka!! Much giggling and blushing. By later that day, she was back to normal.

I'll still watch her but I'm sure that was it.

Mother Damnable: Hollister? Honeymoon? Rabbit breeders? Never mind, just read your comment again. You were stranded in Hollister not honeymooning there. They've built a freeway of sorts around it now but I used to drive through on the way to Monterey when my son was still at Fort Ord. It has a nice village clock (landmark for my turn) and a claim to fame as the town which prompted "The Wild One". Marlon Brando on a motorcycle in 1953. (movie review)

It also seems to be a magnet for many of the earthquakes in this part of CA. Not kidding now. They never received the publicity of San Francisco but their quakes were tragic.

I'm collecting comments on worldwide educational systems and I'll get back to them when I think I've put it all together. Thanks to all of you so far. Home schooling might indeed be the way to go if I were a little younger.

If you read Mother Damnable's comment on "oranges and lemons", we weren't discussing the Florida citrus crop. This started with a Blogging Baby post on appropriate songs and games for children and degenerated from there. Most of you from the U. K. or possibly Canada will recognize it as did I (although I couldn't remember all the words). Gruesome little ditty.

Every time I use tinyurl or the ¢ or ° signs, I think about the kind person who held my hand patiently while I figured them out. Mom2EnK , if you're out there somewhere, thank you again. I have this vision of someone waiting for me to cry for help (an internet guardian angel?). I haven't heard from her lately.

Calm day. Ray's spent most of it dredging the kitchen sink and has it running somewhat. I must remember to make sure the drain trap stays in the drain. The girls have raked leaves on a windy day so now most of their work has been undone. They did mange a good sized pile to jump in (also defeating the original purpose).

Past time to go feed the troops. We usually eat early but they've been nibbling off and on all day so no one is standing piteously in front of the fridge at the moment.

Take care, everybody.


madcapmum said...

Beets are always an occasion for much hoo-haw and glorious panic with my girl, too.

I never thought about that nursery rhyme much, but I've known it all my life. Should have realized there was more than meets the untutored eye, especially after finding out about "Ring Around the Rosy".


L. said...

Beets -- it must be the beets. I remember panicking myself once, after eating beets.

All I`ve eaten all day today was the rest of the leftover stuffing with gravy, and it was so salty (because it was the instant, boxed type) that I chugged a liter of lemonade, and will now be peeing all night.

Sorry, that was too much information from me!

Mother Damnable said...

Marlon Brando, Black Leather, Motor Cycles..........Yes Please!

dragonfly183 said...

Hi granny :). Its good to hear from a former Akransas resident. What beautiful grand children you have.
I'm at my mothers now seeking shelter from a nasty storm in the area and nibbling on left overs myself. Black walnut pie and she is sending me home with a bag of turkey.

Wood said...

I concur -- it was the beets. too many beets = alarming, red poop.

glad my poo-obsessed post was helpful to you! (and glad that everything has worked its way out for elcie.)

Granny said...

this was alarming red pee but this idea was right. I've seen spinach and broccoli turn everything green and I'd probably seen red before but it's been a lot of years since diapers.

Jenorama said...

One of the things that I miss about not cooking Thanksgiving dinner myself is that we have no leftovers. :(

Mary P. said...

Your posts read like a letter from family. Homey, if a bit baffling the first few times before you've absorbed the cast of characters and the setting.

My youngest is 12, and I imagine her mortification/alarm if she'd looked in the bowl and seen red. (Though she hasn't begun "the obvious" yet, she's well prepared, and I'm confident she'd be able to tell the difference between that and what happened to Elcie!)

If it had been any other colour, you'd have thought of what she ate sooner, but red - red is such an alarming colour!

Mom2EnK said...

I'm still here. I only get the read the blogs while at work (on my breaks), and with the holidays I haven't been here much.

I'm also more of a lurker than a commenter.

Gawdessness said...

didn't think there was any other reason for kids to rake leaves.

now going to show my complete ignorance again. You get leaves falling off the trees in california?

Sorry. Can't help it.