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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Major shopping day today - easy come easy go

Good morning - one kid out door - two to go.

On very careful reflection, I've decided to include my email address here. So far, most of the people who visit are people I've gotten to know through BB or people who know them. In others words, online friends. My "anonymous friend" will add the email address to the blog but meantime:

I still want comments on the blog, it's more inclusive, but if you have something you want to run by me without informing the immediate world, here is your opportunity. Many of my friends already have the email address so I might as well put it out here. Comments are much more interesting in a way because we all get this wonderful variety of opinions, as well as a cross section of America, Canada, and now even our allies across the pond. Welcome to Mollie (although she's an American transplant). Her comments and her posts sound rather British and great fun to read. When I first started reading BB, it was the comments as much as the posts that gave me the courage to open my mouth on the internet. Jen, you unleashed a monster.

Worried American - I can't get your "comments" page to open. If you're reading this, let me know what I'm doing wrong. Yes, I'd like to post there. You know I'm never at a loss for words - that's why my friends said "Ann - get a blog". Blogging Baby was running out of space.

This is short because all our income comes in at beginning of month and I try to buy all my staples and most of our food then. I pay the bills and then what's left is what we have to work with. Right now what that means is I'm out the door soon as girls leave to buy soap, toilet paper, etc. It's hopeless trying to do it with the girls. There wouldn't be room in the van for staples and kids unless one holds 48 rolls of t. p. and the other 20 lbs. of cat food. When they were little we shopped with two carts - one held Elcie and the other the two little girls. Now they have those neat shopping carts where kids can ride in actual seats. The girls have long since outgrown them. Anyhow, Elcie and whoever was sitting in the main part of the other cart (Elcie couldn't manage the section designed for kids - we could get her in but not out) ended up piled over with groceries. Now I take them along on the shorter trips and if the 1st hits a weekend I take one or at most two and they take turns. Elcie has grown into the store wheelchairs (those stores that have them) and that's a help.

This was going to be short. Lots of other commenters have checked in, including L. just now. I'll be back.


Gawdessness said...

I wonder how shopping trips will change for us when we get more kids?
We do have a bigger vehicle...hmmm. I really like to take them shopping, especially if they are younger because with homeschooling it is a huge math opportunity.
Now my two are big enough that they often get a cart of their own and part of a list and are sent off to get the best deals they can.
Also we do pretty well right now financially but I know it will be an adjustment adding more kids.
It will be interesting!

Worried said...

Ann, ok I'll add you as a team member. Expect a verification email from Blogger. I'll check out the comment thing and see why it won't open. Guess that's why I get no comments but lots of phone calls and emails.
Gawdessness: You can tell by Ann's blog that kids are a trip, and a big family is a BIG trip. Lots of headaches but many blessings and rewards.