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Thursday, November 10, 2005

One commenter - one new post

Mollie, you are never unclear. I've been reading too many Agatha Christie mysteries or old Brontes. No, I've never been further than Canada or Mexico (unless Hawaii counts). I have this vision of the English countryside that bears no resemblance to reality. Rows of pristine hedges and gardens surrounding Pizza Hut? The fog from the moors drifting over McDonalds? The friendly pubs with the odd names have given way to franchises.

I love long comments - they give me something to talk about and I've always been better at responding than initiating.

I am so sorry about your one brother but grateful the other found a way out. I worry about my daughter who, at almost fifty and fighting cancer, has never found her way.

Bread sticks of course. How silly of me.

We have lots of examples of Horatio Alger here but it's become much harder. I was thinking about an article I had read about the Supreme Court which said basically if you hadn't graduated from the "right" college, usually Yale or Harvard, your intelligence and experience didn't matter. Several of our recent Presidents seem to bear that theory out. Stanford maybe but never the University of Arkansas or Chico State.

We seem to reach a certain level and then come to a screeching halt. There are a few exceptions (it doesn't hurt to have an acting career first) but there is a clique that runs this country.

I think college should be available to every child who wishes to attend and is capable of the work. I also think that attempting to force every child into that mold is mistaken. So many of our jobs here are in service industries of one type or another. Mine certainly were. If the country is not producing, who will these people in the service industries supply?

I'll stop before I start raving about outsourcing, cheap overseas labor, greedy corporations and the like.


ipodmomma said...

well, I'll share some pics of the british countryside, because most of the fast food establishments are tucked safely right in town... I've heard there is a law that prohibits enormo strip malls along side the motorways... and yup, you don't find too many of them there... there is on, along the M62, that has huge stores, lots of fast food and maybe even a cinema

bypasses are a little less regulated, I guess... :)))

I did read an article in the Chico Enterprise Record right after May graduation, and one fellow wanted to be president, and seemed serious... so maybe someday...

and yeah, there is that glass ceiling. but what I find disturbing is that the US is now a service economy... manufacturing is no longer the primary employer...

I'm a little socialist at heart... shhhh... don't tell! :)))

so, go ahead, rave on! I'll listen... :)))

Carol is in my prayers... my brothers... well, you know I have a story about them too... one of these days... never run out of fodder for the blog...

thanks for the post... :))) I'll get the pics off now...

Andrea said...

Do you ever read
You might find some very interesting political information there.

Granny said...

Hi andrea, just checked it out and added it to my desktop. I'm running out of desktop (lol).

truthout, alternet, media matters, KOS, Josh Marshall, and several others all coming in daily and I have all my favorite blogs as icons.

I have this obsession about information.


Worried said...

Some of my favorite raves, too, among others. Rave on, Sister, but also rave on the blog.We need more posting on various subjects.

I loved the English small towns. I was checking out an old church and admiring the ancient gravestones. A local (they can always spot the American tourists) courteously informed me that I was in the section for "new" people; original graves were in another section. New people!! The stones were from 1600 and up!! Europe and the Isles always impressed me with how very young the U.S. is.
I admire the Cal. system of having an advocate for the handicapped children. I wish Mary had an advocate to fight for our Betty. It is wrong for these children to fall through the cracks or be tormented by asinine rules.
By the way, wasn't FDR in a wheelchair? Good thing for him he was an adult, (post-education age) when he suffered physical impairment. And how about Stephen Hawking? Why don't these Gorgons place education and learning above rules? Where's their priorities...on the $$$ page, ofcourse. Amen, Granny.