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Friday, November 18, 2005

Three hours until chaos reigns supreme

If Rebecca hasn't been ejected from camp by now, she probably won't be unless they make her get off the bus and walk home. I'm anxious to hear how it went for them both. They should be on their way in.

Yesterday was beautiful except for crossing my fingers with overheating car. We noticed at about 25 miles out, stopped checked fluids, added coolant and oil just in case. For a while it was fine, but at about the point of no return (Stockton/Lodi?) it started again. For some reason, it's related to speed and as long as I held it to 65 or 70 (speed limit on CA freeways), it was okay. Faster made it mad. I'm not a speed demon but I'm usually at 75 just to keep from being run over and even then I'm driving too slowly in fast lane for most folks. I switched over to the slow lane (there are only two lanes through most of that stretch) and just moved out to pass trucks. We discovered after we got home that we can turn the heater on and the engine won't overheat. I can't get to it today but it's fine around town and maybe Monday someone can look at it. I've driven clunkers most of my life so this is nothing new. Sound familiar Mollie? This clunker is 14 years old so I have to expect a problem once in a while.

The service was awesome. Not a bad attendance for one day notice, the day was sunny and mid 70's, and I made some new friends including a former pastor (late 60's) from my church. It took me back to the civil rights actions of the 60's. I know some of you will laugh and I don't blame you but for us older folk, there's something about singing We Shall Overcome, Marching to Zion, and Kumbaya that signifies a singleness of purpose that would be true even in a non-religious gathering. This was a combination of an "open" Communion service (all of ours are) and civil rights rally. My son Tim and I were holding hands and a little teary eyed. Our beautiful, fearless, Bishop left absolutely no doubt about how she felt about our leadership and their discrimatory actions. It was worth the trip.

I had about an hour to rest before Ray and I took Elcie for her promised pizza. It was fun even when my head kept hitting the table. I came home and crashed about 8:00 and then woke up at 2:30. By the time I was sleepy again, Elcie was up. I got her off to school and then piled back into bed until a little after nine.

I looked for an article in the Sacto Bee today but nothing so far and we no longer receive their t.v. channels. Maybe they'll run it as a Sunday feature. If they do, I'll post the link.

My age shows sometimes - I'm not all that incredible. Counting getting lost in Elk Grove (while on spur of moment visit to old friend and baby) and turned around briefly getting back to the freeway in Lodi (potty and nacho stop), it was a 250 mile round trip. I used to think nothing of driving from S. F. to Eureka or Crescent City (twice the distance from here to Sacramento) on the spur of the moment. I'm afraid those days are gone. The round trip was almost too much, especially with the car acting up. I'll have to plan more around allowing two days or a second driver for some of these things. Tim didn't feel comfortable about attempting Hwy 99 and if he wasn't comfortable, I sure didn't want to be in the passenger seat. Note to myself: Pizza and nachos on same day may not be a great idea. Thank heaven for Tagamet.

Much as I joke about the girls, I'll be glad to have them back. Only problem; they're REALLY, REALLY back. They have the next 9 days off for Thanksgiving break or whatever they're calling it these days. They'll have twice as along over late December through New Year's. Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, winter solstice, or just a long vacation? Did I miss anything? Probably. We'll celebrate in any event.

Laundry caught up, house as reasonable as this place ever gets, still six kittens on patio (I have to make a decision about that), boarder cat still boarding. He's become part of the furniture just as I had feared. I'm killing time waiting for time to get the urchins.

I found an interesting article while I was checking out my daily newspapers. I sent it to BB. If they don't run it, I may post it here in a a couple of days. It's about Islam, separation of church and state, and promoting understanding and tolerance. Lofty goals but too much for some.

Vigil tonight. I have to find my candles again. My friend is picking me up a little after four and I'll see who wants to go along. Nothing else except for finishing up T'giving dinner shopping tomorrow. I gave myself a day off today. There's still time to get ham and whatever else I forgot.

Have a pleasant day, morning, or evening everyone. It's wonderful really. This blog so far represents (in alpha order) Canada (two provinces), England, and Japan (also one commenter who posts in Irish but not usually when commenting ) as well as a large cross section of the good old USA. If I have Japan right, Andrea may still be sleeping. I used to know but I'll have to go back and look that one up. We used to call Tokyo from S. F. as we were leaving for day and catch them opening their doors. London was the opposite. We'd call first thing in morning to catch them still in their offices. Time zones make my head ache and the int'l date line is right up there with the theory of relativity so far as I'm concerned. I'll just take their word for it.

Have fun y'all.


Andrea said...

Awake now. hehe

I have a hard time keeping the makeup in place when I hear
Amazing Grace.

Gawdessness said...

to quote Calvin and Hobbes, your days are just packed! Even more than mine. I take my hat off to you.
You are definitely and indubitably incredible!

L. said...

I`ve got to stop reading your posts at the end of the day when I`m exhausted, because they really do tire me out. You really must bounce through life like a super ball!