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Monday, November 21, 2005

The United States of Iran

This is from Mother Jones this month and is scary. It's an interview with a member of the far out religious right. They call themselves "reconstructionists" and are headquarted in Atlanta. They've been operating under the radar and have insinuated themselves into positions of power. It might help explain the recent actions of my church (very out of character for us). One of their leaders is running for governor of Alabama and our President and Tom DeLay think they're wonderful people.

This is not a Mother Jones opinion piece as such; it's an actual interview with one of the leaders of the movement and it scared the pants off me.

It's a little long but you could skip over parts of it and get the idea. The entire issue of the magazine (online) is devoted to the religious right.

Not much going on today so I may wait until tomorrow but wanted to get this out.


Unknown said...

Ann, I am speechless! The Islamic extremists want to conquer the world and eliminate us "infidels" in order to bring about the coming of the Messiah (they believe Jesus was a great prophet but not the Messiah), and these extremists seemingly have similar goal from the flip side of the coin.A theocratical America? Old Testament guidelines? Public stoning of sinners (by their definition)? And our president thinks they are wonderful? Exactly what IS his vision of America that he is working so hard to lay the groundwork for?? Scared? I'm terrified. What legacy for our children, indeed. Please, post this on the blog.

Andrea said...

eeekkk. to terrifing to actually let sink in. Unfortunatly all is not lovely on my side of the world in the land of master race beleivers either.
This world is spinning faster than it is designed to.

Anonymous said...

God that's freaky.
After reading that I want to hide under the nearest desk sucking my thumb and waiting for these people to take over the world and put me out of my misery. I won't though. Not because I'm brave, but because I'm in an office with three other people, and, well, my boss may not understand.

Well Ann, you beckoned from BB and Zero Boss, and whence I came. Do as you will. :-)
Loving the site. I'd love to have a blog to voice my opinions on, but only have internet access through work, so I don't think I can.

So, anyway, hi! How're you?


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