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Friday, November 04, 2005

We don't need no stinking titles

That's my excuse for I can't think of one at the moment.

Today has been non-stop driving. Took care of a couple of business things, went to the "used" bread store, picked up Tim at Amtrak (he spent a couple of days in San Francisco helping a sick friend), dropped Camp Green Meadows donation at school along with a small donation to help with funeral expenses for their schoolmate who was killed just before Halloween, took Tim home, stopped at Savemart for one or two items and ended up finding most of my Thanksgiving/Christmas staples on sale.

Then home for a little over an hour.

Our first weekly peace vigil began at 4:30 with a good turnout for our first attempt. We've held a couple sponsored by but this was something we decided on our own. The local media turned up and there was much more support from passersby honking and waving than I expected. We've decided to keep it as a vigil rather than a noisy protest. We all believe in what we're doing, but think we'll do better if we don't look like wild eyed radicals. (Even though at heart, we are all throwbacks to the 60's and 70's).

Rochelle and Rebecca tagged along, held signs, talked to the reporter, and, on their own, sang "America the Beautiful" and "Star Spangled Banner" followed by their school song. Same tune as "Far Above Cayuga's Waters" as well as half of the school songs in the country (at least). My high school had the same song, slightly different words. They were planning to following up with the "Caisson Song" and "Marine Hymn" but I talked them out of it. Something about the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli didn't quite fit our quiet vigil.

Home for another hour, then off to a "social" sponsored jointly by PFLAG and the student council (not sure of their title) of the University of California, Merced. That looks so great when I type it. We worked very hard in competition with much larger cities to attract the University and I believe it will turn the city around. It's still a work in progress with a small enrollment this first year and many buildings still under construction. Still, it's up and running. We saw it tonight for the first time after dark and R & R said "it looks like the Titanic". They were right - something about the lights leading up to it and the lights on the buildings gave the impression of a huge ocean liner. It's a couple of miles out of town on the edge of Lake Yosemite; a beautiful location or will be once the dust settles.

The "social" was a success; not a large attendance, but we're spreading the word and lending our support to the college kids who might need us. R & R helped set up, chatted with everyone, and performed an impromptu cheerleading routine. I had told them it was a party so they "dressed" for the occasion in gold metallic Christmas tinsel (tree garlands maybe to some of you) around their necks like boas. They used some leftover Halloween glitter on their cheeks and arms and were ready to go. A good time was enjoyed by all.

Finally home for the night.

Elcie's was wornout tonight. It's been a long week for her. She was sound asleep when I came home around nine. Usually she holds out a little later on weekends. I would have taken her along but sometimes she enjoys being without the two pests and that's fine with me. She's reaching an age where she doesn't have to be part of a threesome all the time.

Roger, I've been off and on with Costco for a while. It may be the types of things I purchase but I've never seemed to save the cost of the membership. I may try again. They're the "bluest" of the blue companies and I'd like to support that. I think Merced has four blue companies - Barnes & Noble, Sonic, Starbucks, and Costco. Their milk may be competitive with Albertson's on a gallon by gallon basis but Albertson's and the other supers sell a generic for buy one - get one for less than 1/2 price which brings it in way under Costco or Smart and Final. Maybe I'll go back for the staples if I can find their generic stuff (Kirkland, etc).

I'm glad so many of you liked the Thomas Paine quote. I did too. Hi Mollie, Angel, and Nancy. Nancy, I've been lurking around your blog. I'm speechless just thinking about your energy. Twins and marathons - wow!

Angel - I googled Darth Tater - he's great. Girls are almost too old but I might get him for my husband, the Star Wars zealot. He'll never be too old for another trinket. Darth can occupy a place of honor on Ray's side of the room. Also, I left an answer to your comments in the comment section (the post containing the soup recipe I think). I replied to Roger and Gawdessness on Halloween Hangovers. I sort of lost track today so if I missed anyone, I guranteee I read them all.

Sweet Juniper has another wonderful posting about their day care provider. It's a regular Friday feature.

I'm fighting with Elcie's school over her attendance record. This was supposed to have been settled but evidently, not so. Details to follow (maybe when it's been fixed or when I haven't already taken up two pages); meantime, keep bail money handy. I didn't quite threaten the woman but it was a near thing. Briefly, she's an automaton who hears only her own voice.

Other than that and an incident at Rebecca's school where for once she was a victim, it's been a pretty good, if hectic day.

It's past 11:30 here. Mollie is probably just rising unless she has the luxury of sleeping in on Saturdays. Good morning Mollie. Tomorrow should be calm and maybe I'll finally be able to watch "Better Than Chocolate".

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