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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another visitor (blogless so far)

Jim clark said...

Glad to be so entertaining=) Jim

He's always been entertaining when he wasn't scaring me to death. He was one of those.


Jim Clark said...

We have always taken great pride in our tacky trees=) Ann's son

He remembers the year we had only 2 of 3 legs supporting the tree and made do with a rat tailed comb.


I've been trying to get both of them over here for a while. Maybe they'll get into the "mom always liked you best routine".

A blogger is not without honor, save in her own family. I had to shame them into reading it. I sent them links, I guided their little hands over the keys, I said guys, I think you'll like it. Finally, Jim's here. Tim has been lurking.

I have pictures for later. Kids still up which makes focusing hazardous.

Computer #2 up, running, and connected to net. We still need to fool with shortcuts and stuff but that's not too hard. Elcie is in there now smiling. Her dad (my grandson) put in 1 full day and 2 nights working on it. He had lots of help. You know who you are.

I may have found a vehicle. I'll know in the next couple of days.

More later. Just wanted to give #1 son a bad time.


Andrea said...

I have been bugging and driving my family and friends crazy to start their own blogs.
My husband has been watching me and how much I love it. He actually came up with the idea of starting a cooking blog if his cooking.
Maybe this holiday something will be done. Well let you know.

ipodmomma said...

at least your family read yours! other than Ted and on rare occasion J, mine seem to have no clue... but Peter's sisters have a look, now and then...

oh well...

thinking good thoughts about the new wheels... :))))

and, while I hope to get a blog up wishing all a Happy Christmas, here's one for you all...

have a very beautiful holiday!!!