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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blog roll, movie night for girls, and a new commenter

From DawnaMarie just now:

It seems everything is right where it's supposed to be on my screen. Of course when I check my own blog, everything is way down at the bottom, and I never got around to fixing it, again. Hopefully it's just a fluke and only we can see it when viewing our own blogs.

This seems to be the general consensus so I'll stop worrying about it. I wasn't so concerned about what I could see as I was everyone else being able to access blogroll, archives, etc.

I ran across DawnaMarie on Blogging Baby today and liked what she had to say so naturally I hopped on over to her blog. She and I have many things in common, including a houseful of kids.

Andrea, if you're reading this, do we still have room on the blogroll or do we have to set up a separate page? (lol)

Girls have left to see Lion, Witch, etc. with their mom and her boyfriend. The matinee was sold out so I hope they can stay awake for the 7:00 showing.

This is brief, at least for me, because I may have finally found the courage to write a little more about the past on a separate post. Now, while the house is quiet, may be a good time and if I chicken out, that's why we have a delete button.

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Mother Damnable said...

Aha, I have the answer to this!

If like me you "view" text size as anything other than medium that causes the right hand side on blogspot to appear at the bottom.

I drove me crazy for a while too!