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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Pudding

If anyone out there knows how to copy and paste with Firefox, will they please let me in on the secret?

Meantime, the title of the article may take you to the Sun-Times Quick Takes which has an interesting little item on Christmas pudding.

Tree decorated, I'll try to get a picture up later. It's glintzy and tacky and if we put on one more ornament, it will look like the Charlie Brown tree, sinking to the ground. Just the way we like it.

More later.


Andrea said...

I just memory tagged you.

madcapmum said...

Your copy/paste function doesn't work? Are you using your edit bar or are you using your mouse? If you highlight with a left click, you can do a right click and it will give you a paste option. I can usually do either with Firefox.

Granny said...

VMC bailed me out. Right click wasn't bringing up a "paste" option so he told me about Control "V". It works now, I think.