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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Does she say "hey, nice camera?

No, she says (in comments) "is that a vacuum cleaner bag on your computer desk"?

Hi. L. #1

Nice way to talk about my home. It's a small catch-all tray which was holding the base for the camera, some pens and postits, business cards which I need to toss - I've already entered the dates on the calendar, and one Lay's Salt and Vinegar lid which is a spare I use to stash the chips so they don't fall into the keyboard. I think what looks like a vacuum cleaner bag is a couple of tissues I keep handy so my nose doesn't drip into the keyboard and I don't have to wipe it (nose) on my sleeve.

Later on I'll back up and take a wide angle shot so you can get the entire effect. It's frightening. Right now, two small slices of pizza have been added.

Now that I look at the disaster area again, that thing was the sleeve which originally held the camera software. Tim left the disc in the drive and I have just stashed it safely.

R & R have just left for Harry Potter with both their uncles (Jim & Tim - my song and dance team.) Jim's on medical leave until at least the 19th for a back injury of some type. It's awful to be happy your kid is hurting but at least he's hurting safely at home.

I've been out most of the morning doing 1st of month shopping as well as a tiny start on Christmas. Busy day. Bought frick and frack each a pair of identical boots for the winter. (Shoe boots - not rain boots). Elcie already has a pair passed down from her mom; she's the same shoe size already. Found a pair of boy's size 12 jeans for the "Angel Tree" gift and caught enough of a sale to throw in a blue sweatshirt as well. Now, I just have to wrap it.

I should stop and check mail. I always check gmail where the comments come in but Yahoo is backing up. It's my spot for news and things but very little personal mail comes in there anymore.

Pizza is history. I ate one - Elcie ate the other. She's so tactful. "Whose pizza is that?" (while it's sitting on my desk). "Yours if you're hungry, Elcie". "Thanks Grandma Ann" (big Elcie smile) and off the pizza goes.

Still rainy and colder. I'm going to go find my blankie again and maybe some warm slippers.


L. said...

"Hey, nice camera!"

I actually meant the square with the circle inside, to the left, which is apparently the Lay's Salt and Vinegar lid. Mmmmmmm!

Granny said...

That was the tray with the lid and a bunch of other stuff.

I don't have many vices anymore but I don't think I can give up Salt and Vinegar chips.

Gawdessness said...

Chip lids?
shoe boots?

Okay. Here in Canada, except for Pringles (I think), chips come in bags and um, boots are boots.

You are so much more cosmopolitan than I am!

I'd give you a big smile if you gave me pizza too!