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Monday, December 12, 2005

How could I possibly disturb her

I pick her up gently and put her in my rocker. She waits until she's pretty sure I'm asleep and comes back. She's usually between the headboard and my head when I wake up.

There's no doubt in her mind who runs the house. Her name is Spunky but she also answers to "Your Majesty". I did go to bed earlier. Something woke me up so I put on some quiet music to sleep by. She seized the moment.

Trying again.

P. S. to L.
Those are stuffies (presents from the girls) behind the cat. I have an entire basket guarding me. Someplace in the collection is a large stuffed rhino made out of patchword quilt fabric. I've had him for almost 30 years - almost as long as the Australian frilled lizard (Gizmo) protecting the computer.

We're bizarre - The Adams (with only one "d") family, that's us. Posted by Picasa


Worried said...

Granny and Readers who have Real Media or Windows Media player.Click on to and scroll down to the right sidebar to A Very Beazeley Christmas and click on. Now doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy about our president and his household?

Andrea said...

Our cats name was Tintin. Not the comic but the chinese kanji. It meant beautiful girl and she thought she was a beauty queen. Saddly we had to find her a new home when we moved to a new apartment due to the no pets rule. grrr.
Found her a great home though and she is still a beauty queen.

worried - i am going to check that link later. hmm