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Sunday, December 18, 2005

My kids - weird?

I hope this link works.

I'm having keyboard problems Told Mother Damnable it was probably the result of a Lay's Salt & Vinegar chip diet. Just gave it a quick compressd air shower.

(Later - changed keyboards - I was getting tired of beating it to death. I may have old batteries. We've had the AA's for a while now.)

Anyhow, Arwen "tagged" VMC to list five weird things on his blog about his kids. He has done so. I said my problem would be limiting my list to five. Some you've probably heard about already. If we don't want to say weird, I'm sure "interesting" or "unusual" are perfectly acceptable substitutes.

Jen wondered if she knew I was adopted. Yes, but Jen & I have known each other so long (online) now that it's old news to her. My birth mother's first cousin and his wife adopted me when I was two and then went on to have my kid brother (Surprise). My great-uncle (the violin maker) is still my great uncle but my grandfather is really my great-uncle also and my great-aunt is my grandmother. Got all that? A long story for another time about being truthful (without being brutal) with children even when the fibs are done with the best intentions. I know I've written about it but I can't remember if it was here or not.

Ipodmomma's mil has begun a blog and can be found at:

I'm sure she'd enjoy company. She has spent some time in Florida and Wisconsin and is interested in hearing from those states, as well as anyone else. I know we have Florida here - hi Angel and Vicki - but I don't remember Wisconsin.

Weird (unusual) child number one:

Rochelle just brought her grandpa an origami original Star Wars spaceship made with her own two loving hands.

Number two:

Elcie is lying on the living room couch bouncing in time to music.

Number 3:

Rebecca this morning went around as a waitress, took down everyone's brunch orders, helped fill the plates, and then served them quite correctly. No prompting, honest.

Numbers 4 and 5:

Most of you have heard about my Army son, the druid. If you can count skateboarding down the California Street hill in San Francisco (where the cable cars run) as weird, he qualifies as numbers 4 and 5.

I don't count Tim as weird because he and I are so much alike and we all know there's nothing weird about me.

Still have to go car shopping in the rain sometime in the next day or two. Fingers crossed.

My grandson spent a couple of hours trying to set up a network between computer #1 and computer #2. No luck. I know we have a couple of experts around here and I may be pleading for help. I'm pretty sure we have everything we need except the expertise.

The speakers work almost too well - better than mine. It has a subwoofer whatever that is. They can listen to music, watch dvd's, and play some games. Just can't get online yet.

It's supposed to rain almost all week. It's cold and horrid outside and the girls will all be home. If you hear loud shrieks coming from the California central valley, pay them no mind. It's merely the sound of me pulling out my hair by the roots.

Talk to you later.


Andrea said...

origami spaceship!!! awsome!

Gawdessness said...

I wouldn't like rain at this time of year, but could use some more snow!