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Monday, December 05, 2005

Rochelle, the messy fridge, and her dad's finger

I don't know what the jinx is with Rochelle but at least we didn't cut the top of her head off this time. Her dad covered up part of the lens but I said the heck with it. That's my fridge and freezer in back covered with artwork and other things. Posted by Picasa

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Mother Damnable said...

ROTFLMHO ~ I showed Ray your pic and he is green, he's always after me to get a big American fridge Freezer but with my little, Edwardian galley kitchen there's not a hope.

I don't really know why the kitchen is so small, I have a dining room now though which is much better than the kitchen diner I had before.

At least now when we have a special meal I can close the door on all the pots and pans and eat in peace!