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Monday, December 19, 2005

Snowflake poetry

Any of you old enough to remember Perry Como will remember "Catch a Falling Star". Here, from the comment box, is Lindsay's version. His poem and that silly snowflake website are probably the closest I'll get to a snowflake this year. I'm listening to Perry singing Christmas Carols and typing happily away. Sometimes the generation gap really shows but I don't care. I've earned every one of my 67 years.

Catch a falling snow flake
Keep it in your memory
Save it for a humid day

Catch a falling snow flake
Keep it on your blog gran
Save it for a stormy day

Catch a falling snow flake
Save it for your Christmas
Never let it melt away

It deserves the front page (above the fold) not buried over in the comments. Thank you Lindsay.

Angel just checked in with the baking time for the rolls (see earlier post). I edited the post so her new directions would be with the old directions. I just realized three or four days ago that I could fix a "posted" post. I thought once my typos were there, they were there forever. Not so. Of course that will take a lot of the fun out of figuring out what granny was trying to say. At least you're all polite enough to ignore them.

Funny - I made my living typing among many other things for years and I'm still fast. Maybe too fast. I don't stop to read and some interesting errors occur.

Kids and kittens running amok. "Lawn guys" blowing leaves so they can come right back on the lawn. Ray still resting, God love him, although how he sleeps through the "lawn guys" I'll never know.

One more blog to check out (actually two from the same family) . One very funny blog about family trials and tribs; the other political. We'll (me asking, Andrea doing the work) add them to the list.

Masson Family blog's Blog

She has a post about powdered baby formula that had me ROTFLMHO. All too, too, familiar. I think she may have given birth to Houdini reincarnated. Except that I already did it. Is there room in the world for two of them?


When Jim was little (talking clearly so he was 3 or 4), he bumped into something which bumped into something else and half a dozen somethings went down like dominos. He gave me this pitiful look and said "Mommy, I have created a disaster". Yes, he did.

This is the same child who, on our only trip from Arkansas to New York to see my folks, entertained himself by removing and stacking a room full of carpet tiles. They had been set in but not glued; I'm sure my dad never saw the need with two senior citizens living in the house and an upstairs room that was used only for company. My folks were so sure they had childproofed the room. Who would have thought he'd remove the floor. His daddy had a wonderful day putting them all back (with little Jim's help, of course). He qualifies as weird child #'s 4 through 20 without even trying very hard.

He used to play baseball in slow motion in his Grandma Clark's living room (sliding into base). It was hilarious. He's still the family clown as was his dad. His dad loved nothing more than making a good story better.

Rochelle just created a disaster in the kitchen. Just a small milk spill which she cleaned up. She pours her milk into the cereal bowl before the cereal and got a little carried away. The gallon bottle (yes I said gallon) was almost full and even I have trouble with that sometimes. It has to do with being vertically challenged. Anyhow, I showed her how to use a funnel to get the excess back in the jug. From the bowl, not the table or the floor; even the five second rule doesn't apply to milk spilled on the floor.

Instant survey - which goes in first, the cereal or the milk? I prefer the cereal myself.

Have a great day - The sun just came out here for the first time in days. Somehow, that changes everything.


Andrea said...

Cereal first!!

Blog role is up and running!!
You are starting to become one popular lady.

ipodmomma said...

I agree with Andrea... cereal first...

and yeah, that sun makes a whole world of difference... :)))

tina said...

These 'weird kid' stories really made me laugh!

Oh, and cereal first.

Gawdessness said...

cereal of course, in my case that means raisin bran but sometimes the milk hits the flakes funny and bounces right out of the bowl!

Jim clark said...

Glad to be so entertaining=) Jim