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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Andrea - check the post before this one. I put 3 "p's" in shopping. Much worse than 2 "t's" in writing.

More later. It's going to be recipe time as soon as get the girls on their way. Elcie just left and I have two naked girls running amok.

I'm listening to Rainbow Connection and the girls are singing along (naked). I have to speak to them but with all women in the house except for Ray who doesn't come in while they're dressing it doesn't matter too much.

Rainbow Connection just changed to Jussi Bjorling singing Nessun Dorma. He was one of the great old tenors, long gone. I have two of his albums on vinyl and I've manged to find some of his music online. At the end where the "hero" sings Vincera (I will win) it gives me chills no matter how often I hear it.

More later.

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