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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fooling people with my innocent image

That part is certainly me. I'm not so sure about decadent except when it comes to chocolate.

Hi neets. Do you mean peck as in "peck like a bird" or peck as in a "bushel and a peck" I can't remember exactly what a peck is anymore but it's much smaller than a bushel. You may have either one. Glad to have you back.

Mollie - should have known you were talking about food. We're always talking about food.

To all other donut lovers who chimed in - hi there.

Once again I'm up much too late. Depressing day for many of us here in the USA of my political persuasion. I've been surfing looking for cheerful posts and may have made a couple of new friends. We'll see.

Elcie still has scratchy throat but no worse. Ray doing a little better each day and we checked out his prescriptions on Medi-care. It's affordable, at least for now, so he can resume taking the meds he should have had all along. Worth the paperwork to have him healthy although I still think the plan is extremely flawed. At least, it's a blessing for today.

Rebecca flew through her long division. Sometime between last night and today the idea of estimating got through to her and she was able to look at a two digit number into a four digit number and know how to begin. And she's memorized some of her times tables without knowing it. Osmosis? Whatever works. I hope she stays on division for the time being. If she learns that, many other things will fall into place. I keep saying the words basics and fundamentals to anyone who is a position to effect change.

Rochelle, the athlete of the crowd, managed a nasty scrape on her hip, right above the pelvic bone along with a bruised knee and elbow. She tried to explain how it happened and I knew just as much when she finished as I did when she started. First aid along with hugs helped but she'll be sore in the morning.

I'm surprised at the number of visitors who said "tuna glop - yum". I even had one - hi Mollie - who likes it on toast as I do. I always hold out a little of the sauce for myself so I can go straight back to my childhood. Everyone else has the pasta although I'd be willing to share.

Andrea in Japan has a beautiful daughter who has just celebrated her first birthday. In spite of the festivities, she (Andrea - her daughter is very bright but not quite up to to Andrea's speed on the computer just yet) managed to update the blog rolls both here and on isamericaburning. Thank you Andrea. I did notice. Actually, we're not as caught up as I thought.

I missed a lovely mother of four who is subject to flights of fancy in her blogger profile. She and I have been discussing Spam (the "food", not the stuff that shows up unannounced and uninvited in your mailbox). Some may question whether Spam is a food. I grew up with it and still like it although not as a steady diet as it was when I was a kid. She has an interesting approach to grocery shopping but you'll have to visit her to discover it. To explain would take me another six paragraphs. Welcome and I hope you'll be back.

Brokeback Mountain was everything I hoped it would be. In case someone hasn't seen it (or read the short story it's based on) I won't say much about it here. I'm glad I made the effort. I don't go out to movies often; I think the last time was when I went with Ray to the first of the "new" Star Wars films. The prices at the concession stand were a brutal reminder of why I usually wait for the dvd. Once in a while the girls go, usually with Uncle Tim who likes movies and can be as big a kid as the girls.

Oh - Elcie's reading level (at least on the tests) jumped almost 2 grade levels. She is beginning to read at 7th grade level. Part of it has been her determination and part of it has been a change in method.

It's late once again. Carol's chemo is tomorrow but her new regime seems easier on her although she still tires very easily.

Take care everyone.


Andrea said...

hey granny - yuck on the spam but I have always been picky about food.
I watched half of Brokeback Mountain (downloaded) and it has been beautifuk so far. Too long though an I have a terrible cold. Time to turn it off, update and then go to bed.
Ill finish it tomorrow.

stefanierj said...

Movies? Like in a theater? Sounds like fun, but I can hardly remember what that's like.

My interactions with Spam have been limited to Monty Python songs. But I do LOVE the song--does that count?

And when she has a free sec, d'ya think Rebecca could help me out with the long division? What a smarty!

Anonymous said...

pick a peck of pickled peppers. that right there should tell you what a peck is. K?

have a good day, down there in sunny mercedes. i'm planning on having a good day here in stinkville. pewtown. cowtown, podunck redneckerson headquarters. hey i think i say george bush hiding behind my car. whats he doing here, he didn't even call first? HEY, Put down the flip flops!!! he's digging my flip flops out of the garbage!! he's a closet flip flop wearer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anvilcloud said...

I think we might head into town to see that movie today. It's a dull, rainy day here, but at least it's rain and not freezing rain -- at this moment anyway.

beckster said...

I am sorry, I haven't been here in so long and am just now reading about all that you and Ray went through with his health. I am glad to read that he is doing better. Sending good thoughts that he keeps right on doing better!!