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Friday, January 20, 2006

Life with a convalescent Rebecca

Here's Elcie who decided right at bedtime to change into that dress. Rochelle "did" her hair as well. I thought she planned to sleep in it but she changed once again into a warm gown. Oh, the joys of pre-teen girls.

I kept Rebecca out one more day although she was feeling a little better. She was reluctant to wake up this morning and I just let her sleep. She's almost back to her old self and bored.

She stayed fairly quiet during the day. Did some arts and crafts and hung out with me. Then, for some reason, she went on an "organizing" bender. Half of my large linen closet in the hall has become my extra pantry. I buy quantities of staples on sale since we do our major shopping once a month and my regular pantry can't manage it. I have five large shelves in the linen closet that serve the purpose. Rebecca decided to fix it. We had boxes all over the hall floor that she was putting in order. I tried for a photo but my camera wouldn't cooperate and by the time I replaced the batteries, she had everything back in place. Too bad - she was adorable sitting there in the midst of chaos. She did a great job. Even I don't sort packaged mac and cheese by brand name. (Yeah, I know but there are some days when I grab up the closest box I can find just to get something warm in their tummies and I always dress it up a little). She can focus when it's something that interests her and she inherited my obsession with order. Not that it does me much good around here.

Yesterday, during the short time she felt well enough to crawl out of my bed, she went through her picture album and organized the pictures.

Someone has placed a "real lemon" on my computer desk. My neighbor had brought it to Rebecca to help her sore throat (mixed with honey in tea). I had lemons but it was still kind of her.

Many comments today and I thank you for all of them. I hope the home school link was helpful. Rachael, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I was visiting your dad's earlier today. I've answered all the comments on the "carnival" post personally.

The ten trivial facts was so silly, I couldn't resist. It seems to be turning up everywhere now.

I'm sure the creepies have left. Maybe now I can focus on the after Christmas cleanup. The tree is down and boxed with its ornaments; however, the boxes have become part of the furniture. I still have my small decorations on the piano, mantel, and bookcase. They're not hurting a thing there and it would certainly save some time next Christmas. However, I do dust occasionally so I might as well take them down, wipe off the surfaces, and put my others and the photos back up. Someday. When all three are in school. They have a full week off in February (the worst weather of the year of course) so any major projects need to be completed before then.

Our outside lights are still up. I need a tall person to help get at least the colored lights down. I leave the white ones for security. It's almost like having a floodlight if someone prowls. They're hooked into my porch light circuit and I can turn them on from the inside of the house.

It's past midnight and it's been a cold day. I think what passes for winter here has finally arrived. We're in the low to mid thirties (F) at night; just above freezing. The rain has left, the fog is back.

Have a good weekend everyone. For some of you, it's half over already. For me, it's just starting.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Thats a lovely picture of Elcie, as she looks very sweet and her smile conveys to me a very nice nature . Is that the case ? Your preparing for your worst month in Feb while we are encountering some of the hotest days on record. +44C tomorrow !!

Good to see you have your helpers.

Best wishes

Gawdessness said...

There is a sense of Louisa May Alcott for me when I read your entries about everyday life, your family and the girls in particular.

I really like that!

Anonymous said...

anything other than Kraft brand mac and cheese is the devil.

and dusting will make you have warts. that's why i don't do it. my mom has knick knacks all over with doilies, and when i was a kid, she made me hate dusting. now, i have doilies all over, not as many knick knacks, but i don't dust. its gross

mreddie said...

The joy of girls is something I can relate to - we had two of them. And now each of them have one daughter and we are seeing it all over again. ec

JBlue said...

Glad to hear Rebecca is better.

Granny said...

I liked Little Women, I always identified with Jo.

And I still love the old movie with Margaret O'Brien and June Allyson. Liz Taylor as Beth? I'll have to look that one up.

Granny said...

I was close - Liz was Amy (that figures) and Margaret O'Brien was Beth. Janet Leigh was there to (Meg). 1949

There's an even older one 1933 with Katie Hepburn. I'll have to find the dvd.

madcapmum said...

I remember being housebound as a kid and suddenly deciding that everything needed organizing RIGHT NOW! I'd dump everything out of everything, and it would take me absolutely hours! Wish my kids could be bit by that bug...

Janice said...


If she bored she is better, I like that she wanted to orginize the pantry for you.

My grandmothers(both) had a recipe that was for sore throats; honey, lemon, and rum. I can't remember how much of what or equal amounts or what ever, but it was what they had to work with.

I still have my Christmas table cloth out.


JBlue said...

Granny, about Little Women. I've seen the one with Kate H., but not the other one you mentioned.

I always indentified with Jo, too. I loved her character. I've read that book more times than any other.