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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Progressive Faith Blog - Carnival


Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006 Carnival

Hi from Ann and welcome to the Carnival. I've never done any of this before and it's a learning experience or so xpatriatedtexan tells me.

Part of the learning experience is reading what this Carnival is. I misunderstood and asked my friends for anything they had read, written, or posted on spirituality that they thought might be appropriate. What we have here is a mix, some are from actual blogs; some are not. I'll know better next time.

From The Feminarian is an article about academic freedom or the lack thereof.

worried from isamericaburning talks about Pat Robertson and Katrina.

Here is landonville with an article about Wheaton College and hiring practices.

rocrebelgranny (me) copied this from Slate about the "conversion" of the Jews. I also found this article about the religious right position on choice and how it affects the poor worldwide.

From my friend Andrea in Japan a beautifully written piece on meditation. Spirituality can encompass many things.

From the originator of the Carnival xpatriatedtexan here is an example of unfair practices which still exist in this country. You should know that the officials in New Jersey have now reversed their decision and this woman and her partner will receive the same consideration as any other government employee.

The religious right and Microsoft comes from mc glee historical preservation society

peterson toscano submitted this memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a tribute to an amazing woman and her family.

Andrew Schamess has sent us two related articles from dealing with Israel anti-semitism. Here are the first and the second

Wayfarer finds some great blogs.

Poor Mad Peter gets politically active

A look at the smell of UU in the morning.

What if Dr. King were alive?

Questions of need.

Who's listening?

If this is the license, I'd hate to see the registration...

Ray Nagin has lost it.

A note from Molly Ivins, and one from Maureen Dowd.

It sounds like an old-time mystery: The President, The Constitution and the Inept.

Should men discuss abortion?

What war on terror?

Truth mirrors fiction.

Is this separation of church and state? And why is the guy on the sign white?

Kris gets laid off and sees a movie for spite.

Music moves the soul.

Thou shalt not be plastic!

The perfect wild goose

Blogging shrinks the world, and that allows us to build bridges over chasms of understanding (hence the BlogCon and Carnival).

What is the sound of one hand blogging? is a lovely woman from California, now living with her family in England. We've become fast online friends and she sent me this.

Spirituality... a very thought provoking subject... how about this:
for me, it's about first figuring out that there must be a centre in one's life. and then what that centre is... and is not. for me, the centre must be focused not on self.

then, one must decide what that centre is going to be... if not self, then something or someone else to fill the vacancy.

I have chosen Christ as my centre, and every day I work on that relationship, my relationship with Jesus, which leads, eventually, to a lessening of self, and a greater acceptance of others. and if Christ is the centre, then what naturally comes next is love...

for that is what Christ is, love. and if that is the centre, truly the very centre, then all that comes, good, bad, ugly, mistaken and wonderful, is coming from love, and ultimately change begins, that filters out the bad, mistaken and ugly, leaving the good and wonderful. it is not overnight, nor is it easy. it can be quite painful. but I am not alone, and will forevermore be joined to the One who loves me, who hopes all the best for me and who gives to me all I need. in realizing this, which sometimes I do forget, (actually, often I forget, but then I am gently reminded) in focusing on this then I go about my day, trying to love, forgive, accept. and the way in which I go about these things is nothing I do on my own. it is done via grace, mercy, kindness and a love that I sometimes grasp for in great agony. there are always going to be time of weakness, doubt, fear and insecurity, but these come more and more as fleeting small moments, which are then swept aside by the hand of a loving God who sees my frailities and worrying tendancies with the eyes of a caring, affectionate Father, and no matter how badly I screw up, how far I run or how little I trust, His love always, ALWAYS brings me back to His Son.

and in that, I rest, assured that where I am is right where I'm supposed to be...

Finally, from me is a short prayer from one of my favorite books. It's guided me through many a rough patch and is included with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous. We call it the 7th Step Prayer but it could be adapted for anyone from any faith.

Seventh Step Prayer

My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good & bad. I pray that you now remove from me every single defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to you & my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go out from here to do Your bidding.

And Yes, I did include it in at least one of my posts.

Thank you to xpatriatedtexan for entrusting me with his Carnival. Much of the pleasure came from reading the emails as they came in and getting to know more of you.

(note from XT) This was a co-operative project this week - which made it a bit late. Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to Granny for being so willing to stretch her self and give us a wandering home for the week.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I noticed you put in a link to my blog, thank you.

I just put a link in for your's too--just last night.

Keep blogging along.


Granny said...

Thanks - if I hear from someone, they go to the blogroll. Thanks for linking me.

Peter said...

Hi Ann, thanks for calling in to holtieshouse.

grannyfiddler said...

wow! you go, girl!

i've just finished a book on Mother Theresa, who fascinates me. she took some criticism for encouraging people in THEIR faith, instead of trying to convert them to hers. because she believed all sincere, selfless spirituality leads to God. the name we know him by is unimportant. i love it when i find someone more articulate than me who can put what i feel or think or believe into concise words.

VirusHead said...

Great job on the carnival. Loved reading all the bits and pieces - will join in next time!

Dawn Isaac said...

Wow what a long post! I am going to have to go back and reread parts later. I immediately recognized the 7th Step prayer as I have been going to AA (on and off) for the past 10 years.

Andie D. said...

Hi Granny,

Religion has been on a lot of our minds apparently.

I'm so glad for this post - I love to learn about different view points and expand my knowledge.

This just shows one more of the many facets of your character. Keep writing. Please!

Andrea said...

WOW! I have a lot of reading to do now.

Mary P. said...

Your posts have such a meandering, contemplative air, and there's enough material here to keep me thinking for the next six months! Thank you.

Lindsay Lobe said...

An Intersting post with some nice reflections.

I dont think there is any universal truth, only that which we choose to believe and what is true for us individually.

I admired many of the statements and postings of what is embraced by many and makes up their faith and a richness to centre their thoughts to do good things.

I composed this poety as a reflection of my own individual life faith and philosophy.

Symphony of Creation.

Form, of mystery, light spread out from sing-ul-ar-ity
A form, continues, with each breath, symbol of my life as yet
So, let me know no more, that I may know the splendor
Of the light filled, ONE agenda

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love

Form, is it but our own reflection, illusions of our expectation
Hidden in the time of present, lonely in its own pure presence
Continued on, deep within us, calling forth, our own surrender
Of the light filled, ONE agenda.

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love

Form of worm hole travel backwards, space time changes state
The conscious mind now existing, listens always, emotions birth
Thoughts will now last forever, guided by a spirits light
To the light filled ONE agenda.

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love