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Friday, January 20, 2006

Progressive Faith Carnival

xpatriatedtexan, one of the commenters on isamericaburning has started a "spiritual" journal and is looking for input. Here's what I wrote on the other blog:


xpatriatedtexan has begun a separate weekly journal and is inviting anyone interested to send items of spiritual interest. That's a loose definition - I checked with him to make sure.

If you've seen something that might qualify or have written something yourself, you can send it to me at I'm the "host" of the week. Next week will be someone else. We already have a volunteer.

I've received some interesting things already and I'll link back to the journal when it's completed. He has already published journals for 1-8 and 1-15-06 which is when I think he began it. I've looked at them and I'm impressed with the variety and thoughtfulness.

It isn't on the blogroll yet but xpat is and one should take you to the other.


The link in the title of the isamericaburning post provides a much better explanation from xpat himself.

If you have anything you think might fit, send it along to me. He's published two so far and they've been an interesting mix of commentary and links to other articles. I'd like to help him and I know we have many spiritual people around here.

More later on family, etc.


Uncle Roger said...

Would this count?

Turtle Guy said...

I've been a little out of your loop lately - what's going on?? Hope you're well!


ipodmomma said...

I guess I'm not quite seeing what this is... but to be perfectly honest right now my brain is about as together as a tin of Alpo... kind of sludgy, and not really holding together...

hope Rebecca is doing better! what little brain activity I still possess is thinking healthy thoughts your way.... :)))

Anonymous said...

i have trouble defining myself as spiritual, i really don't know what that means. if it means, i hum, roll my eyes, and dance around like a bat in a frying pan, then i don't qualify. i'm not charasmatic i guess you could say. i'm not making fun of them, i'm just not that way. sometimes i talk to myself, and i get really good responses. sometimes i talk to God, and he pretty much tells me to shut up. so maybe, i'll just shut up right now, before i make someone uncomfortable.