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Monday, February 06, 2006

Bratz - ( two of them)

Blogger will be down at 7:00 p.m. PSt so I guess I'd better grab it while I have the chance.

Thanks to all for the comments on my 15 minutes of fame. It was fun and I hope it helps. Our Mayor was just elected so any political thoughts I might entertain may be some time in the future. She's decent for a Republican (all the city officials are Republican, I think) so I probably won't start an impeach Ellie movement any time soon. The Mayor cuts ribbons mainly although she and the Mayor before her are uniters, not dividers. She seems reasonable on social issues. Meantime, some of us have started working with a potential candidate for one of the city or county offices. She'd be great - just missed the filing date last year. She hadn't considered it until friends started urging her to run; by then it was too late. Most of the local offices go by default and we'd like to change that.

It's probably better to be the power behind the throne. I can become the Karl Rove of Merced.

Roger suggested running for President. There's a thought.

Before I can take over running the country though, I have to do something about Rebecca and Rochelle. When we left off on Saturday, I had sent them to a birthday party at the large park close to here. I'm sure I must have said "stay with the group" but, even if I didn't, they were driven there and picked up. They know to stay with a group. Did they? No. They took themselves over to the skating bowl (for lack of a better word) to watch the boys show off. I'm sure the little hootchies were showing off for the boys as well. They were eventually rounded up with no harm done. I don't think they went by themselves but leaving with two 14 year old girls isn't sufficient protection. Fourteen year old girls are worse.

They spent Saturday evening staring at the walls and each other after cleaning the living room. No t.v., no music, no nothing. After church on Sunday, they spent most of the day totally grounded again. I relented on the t.v. Sunday night for an hour before a very early bedtime.

I haven't decided yet whether to let them out of the house for a little while after school. They're contrite and I hope I put the fear of God into them. That section of the park should be safe; it was built for kids. It isn't though. It's not well supervised and it's become a gang hangout. It's away from the main section where the picnic tables, grills, and playground are located. To compound the danger, they have to walk through a small wooded area to get to the skating area.

I've always tried to teach them to be careful without being too graphic. This time I sat their little selves down and was, I hope, graphic enough to scare them. I've been thinking about having one of the "community relations" police officers have a chat with them as well.

This morning we went over it one more time when they were a little more willing to listen.

I was almost sick with thinking what could have happened. Of course it didn't and they're growing up. I see lots of kids their age running all over town unsupervised and maybe I'm over protective. I just don't think they're old enough at 10 & barely 11 to exercise good judgment. Kids think they're immortal. They're not.

Other than that, the weekend wasn't bad. Steelers won; I spent part of the game chatting back and forth with ipodmomma who was propping her eyelids open while watching. It started at 11:30 p.m. over there. I've never "watched" a game with anyone from the other side of the Atlantic before.

This is not my normal computer time and I have a little while before the girls come home to nap. Dinner is cooked so I think I'll go do that. I may be back if Blogger is up and if I have anything to report.


L. said...

Well, at least what they did sounds more like a lapse in judgement than willful disobedience. And I know what you mean about worrying, even though other kids run wild and seem fine - you get that sick feeling that the ONE time yours run wild will be the time something awful happens.

caroline said...

Very scary. I agree with I. that is sounds like a lapse but I'd still get the community police around to put the fear of God into them...

Anonymous said...

you're not overprotective, you are smart, and excercising common sense. and no, kids don't make good choices, thats why we are parents, and we need to do our jobs, and not just try and be their buddies. i would have reacted the same way. i can't even stand to imagine what could happen to a child. adam's daughter and son live up in an area where predators try and coax kids into their cars a lot. and their dumb mom still lets them outside alone, and lets them ride their bikes to the store and stuff. she even let kaila go down to the snake river swimming 3 years ago at the age of 11, with another friend her age, and they did not have lifejackets. people drown in the snake river every year. as you might imagine, i can't stand their mom. she is a brain dead idiot. she does not deserve to have kids. but lots of people don't see a problem with letting their kids run loose, they say,"well i did it when i was that age" come on people wise up, times are different now!!

Andrea said...

you are a good granny and I think you are handling things well. I have no idea what I would do in this situation. Thinking right now I would probably lock my kid up for the rest of her life but that wont solve any problems either.
Ahh what the future has in store for me.

kuri & ping said...

I don't think you are overprotective either...just very smart and with it. I'm glad that nothing bad happened!

Looking forward to hearing about your political focus in the coming months with the new mayor. :)

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I fully understand why you have to be hard on the girls, and let's be honest this is not a safe world for kids. My mom was very protective of me and my sister, and I came out just fine. And things are a whole lot scarier now.

I have my own daughter to think of, and I have to be villengent especially now. My daughter is fourteen and she dosen't really understand the danger, but I keep pointing things out in the news to show her "yeah it can happen to you. So you better listen to your mom."


madcapmum said...

Nope, you're not over-the-top. Kids need lots of supervision and adult intervention to turn them into adults. You're a great mum (and grandmum) with lots of experience and wisdom!

Gawdessness said...

Sounds like you handled it the way you needed too and that is good.