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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Chicken Turned into Curry (with Tumeric)

and we have another visitor from India, this time from Mumbai. Arti is a lovely young woman who found us through Neets, also of India.

She writes in three languages and is a published author and poet. Welcome Arti.

I decided on chicken that was at least curry flavored, if not the real thing. And yes, I purchased tumeric today even though the curry powder I use contains tumeric along with many other things. It's a complex flavoring. I stewed the chicken in curry and ginger flavored broth, steamed some veggies on top, and cooked a pot of rice. It's almost all gone. I'm not sure why I added the ginger but it seemed like it needed something and I just guessed. It didn't do any harm. I must seek out that wonderful flat bread for the next time. The girls loved it when we took them to the Indian buffet. We have a sizable Sikh community here so it shouldn't be hard to find a deli or mom and pop that sells it. It might even be in the supermarket. I'm drawing a blank on the name right now but I'll either look it up, it will come to me suddenly, or ten people will tell me the name in the comments.

It's been a quiet day except for grocery shopping this morning. I try to plan for the whole month except for perishables but we were almost out of coffee, sugar, creamer, honey, and running low on cereal. My honey had spilled somehow. Fun. The little server had tipped on its side and the cap wasn't quite tight. Fortunately, there wasn't too much in there. I drink more coffee when the weather turns chilly and I have friends and my daughter who like a little coffee with their sugar and cream. Not I but I'll provide it and shudder. Ray likes herbal tea. So do I sometimes, just not as an everyday thing. I'm more apt to use it as medicine. Usually, I prefer the real thing.

Two of the girls went along with my friend and her five year old to "help". Elcie enjoyed the peace and quiet. Her mood has improved lately but we're still having problems getting her out of the house. She did go with her sister to the corner store earlier today and used her spending money to buy luxury cat food for Spunky and Fidget. Spunk was thrilled; Fidget isn't so sure. He's never eaten anything except dry food and an occasional bite of chicken or fish when I've served it.

I didn't see which child was responsible for the sculpture on the kitchen table. They were asleep early before I had a chance to ask. It was probably Rochelle. It's her style and I'm not sure Rebecca would have stood there patiently balancing all those pencils. It may have been a joint project.

Angel left me a comment warning me about My Space so far as the girls are concerned. I actually belong to it and I've never used it. A friend invited me and I signed up. One of these days, I'll unjoin. I've heard negative stuff about it too. No chat rooms for the girls except for Nick and Disney (or any others like them) until they're older. I'm more worried about chat rooms than the porn.

KatieK, currently living in Turkey and Midori of Japan were featured today on Blogging Baby. Katie was kissed by a horse, I believe. Nice going. They're both over on the blog roll.

Alice just left a couple of comments about the earlier posts. Alcie and I are both Italian food and so far we have one Mexican and one French as well. She identifies with #13 on the other silliness. If it doesn't work, get a bigger hammer. That #13. A couple confessed to being mouse potatoes and jw especially liked #19.

Alice and I have a small window about the time she's going to work and I'm going to bed and another as I'm having my morning coffee and she's finishing up her work day. We do an amazing amount of conversing in a short time. It happens with ipodmomma in England and Andrea in Japan as well. Just the way the time zones work.

It's late, I actually made it through the day without a nap, and I'm feeling it.

Good night everyone.


ipodmomma said...

sounds like you had a nice day, and the sculpture is lovely... :)))

year back Spencer used to draw things with paint on the PC, and then as the days counted down to our leaving, he'd put up a new one for the background. things like footballs, the Empire State building, tacos, pizzas, the like.

that seems like ages ago...

Spencer has been on the PC in the mornings, so no time for me to get on. but him being down is a good thing, so while I miss our chats, I'm glad he's down....

should have emailed, but you know those longest comments in the world... :)))

Arti Honrao said...

Hello Granny!
n thank you very much for the introduction... I am honored.
Reading ur post, I remember another lady from Canada who is crazy for DOSA :) I have promised her that I would serve DOSA to her when she visits me.
I even searched a few sites for her and emailed her the recipe for making DOSA and she said she would be trying it!

Love and regards

Alice said...

Mentioned again, I see.

Keep pimping, Ann, keep pimping. I reckon you're the soul reason anybody visits my Blog at all.

Yup. It it don't work - whack it, if it still don't work - whack it harder: that's my motto.

Toodles. Maybe speak to you later.

granny p said...

Ah.. life. curry sounds good too.

tatootim said...

Momma the bread is called nan or nahn or something like that...speaking of which would you like to have indian or thai today

EmmaSometimes said...

First Italian Food and now chicken. That chicken sounds fabulous!!! yummm, Im hungry.

MsSisyphus said...

Didja see that I beat you out for the #1 spot at BB? :P (youngest child/only girl=wee bit competitive)

Glad that Elcie is briefly surfacing from her teenage angst.

Hmm, Now the chicken and rice I had planned just doesn't seem exciting. Off to the cupboards I go.

Uncle Roger said...

Naan bread. Recipe, another, a third. A description.

Love the stuff. Great for scooping up curry or masala or whatever. Yumm.

Traditionally cooked, iirc, by slapping it on the side of a tandoor, then using a hook to pick it off.

Kathleen Callon said...

Sounds yummy. I love curry with garlic nan and samosas... heavenly. Hope you are well and enjoying your guest.