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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Fashion Statement herself

Rochelle loves to put on half the closet when she dresses for the day. The cat is almost lost in the different layers. Had to take two pictures to get the boots in.

Welcome toms sisyphus .

She and I "met" while commenting on the same Blogging Baby posts. I met many of my online friends there. Many of us have remained friends since. She's an educator and mom from Canada and we have some wonderful discussions about kids and education.

My son Tim loved the pictures I posted last night and has emailed me a couple more. I'll try to get them on soon. First I have to figure out how to get them from email to here. Every day something different.

Some day I have to find out how to link to a post in another blog. I see people do it all the time and I know I did it once here. I just can't remember what I did.

This is brief I think. It's only 6:30 but it feels later. Not an eventful day and I haven't left the house. I fixed brunch for everyone and spaghetti for dinner tonight (and probably tomorrow). Kids are settling in with no major brawls so far but it's only Saturday.

Our house is set up with a small entryway - one way goes toward the living room and kitchen, the other to a long hall with bedrooms and baths strung out. Our bedroom faces the street at the front. The living room is large and runs from the front of the house to the back with the front meant as a dining room. The kitchen (with dinette) and laundry room are along the other side of the living room. Odd setup but we're used to it. Think three mobile homes side by side by side. The "dining room" has become the catchall for the girls' gear. There's really no other place. Anything left on the patio would disappear. Just now I walked through and counted four bicycles and two pair of roller skates. Plus a fair size dining table with chairs, one piano, one etagere and a large desk/bookcase and a wheelchair. Oh, and a small bookcase/room divider that holds their dvd's (when they're not all over my bedroom floor) and another small set of stacking plastic bins for their treasures or whatever I throw in there on my way through. I think that's it.

Not sure what got me started on that except that I just walked through and said OMG, and counted the bicycles. They're breeding in there. Can't leave them alone for a minute.

Church tomorrow probably. Ray's already talking about shaving. He is really so much better. His medicine arrived today for the nebulizer. He's getting used to his umbilical cord and all the gear that goes with it. It is so good to see him cheerful once again.

Trying for photos now. Good night I think until tomorrow.


MsSisyphus said...

Hi Granny! Thanks for the intro :)

So glad to hear the Ray is feeling better.

I do actually know how to do that linking thing you're talking about. I'll emil it to you (consider it a good turn for hooking me up with Andrea to get my tags on,)

Dem Soldier said...

Hope your having nice weekend.....Good to hear Ray is feeling much major brawls! Good going.......

tAnYeTTa said...

i love her outfit. cute cute cute.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Great news Ray is feeling better. Time For new tune on the Piano !!

Best wishes