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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hi everybody

For any of you who are wondering about the strange order of Caroline's comments, it's because we're answering each other on each other's blogs.

I met Caroline through granny p. and Stephanie (another one) today on Alice's blog. Caroline is my first visitor from New Zealand. Hooray. Stephanie is from Southern California and we seem to have many things, other than Alice, in common.

Rebecca made up for her good two days by leaving her homework at school today. Oh well - she gets to sit out her recess tomorrow. I helped Rochelle with her "sentences" instead. She didn't really need the help; she was just enjoying the company while she invented sentences to go with her spelling words.

I spent the morning on first of month shopping, came home and crashed for a while, and then threw together a sort of chicken teriyaki with veggies over rice for dinner.

Kids all bathed and in bed and I may not be far behind them. I always say that and still find myself up much later than intended.

My camera isn't working - I need to find out why. I'll have more pics when I can figure out the problem. Strange.

We're in sort of a lull for a change. Restful. No one sick at the moment, no battles with the schools, Elcie still being a pre-teen but I'm getting used to that. I shampooed her hair with green (kiwi/lime) shampoo tonight which she liked the last time. This time she was unhappy because she hadn't noticed the pink (strawberries and cream) which came in with the shopping today. If I'd used the pink, she would have griped because I didn't use the green. I have how many more years of this? I should count my blessings - at least she's talking to me,if only to complain. It beats the silent treatment.

Most of the time she's a good kid, but she does have those moments. She would always argue with a post and she splits hairs like no one I've ever seen. Pretty good at red herrings as well. Anything in an attempt to change the subject, especially when the subject is Elcie. I've learned not to bite. "I don't care right now what Rebecca did, Elcie, we're discussing your attitude".

Speaking of shampoo, I think I'll warm up the bathroom a little and check out the new pink stuff. Strawberries are always good. I read something today about mangos, I think from Norene. Not to eat. Something about healing skin. I'll go back and find it. Mangos intimidate me. Okay, Norene scalded her hand, held frozen mango pieces (instead of the ice I usually apply) and by morning burn was better. A good thing to know. If I had to deal with a whole mango to apply first aid, I'd go back to the ice cure. Frozen sounds good to me.

Good night all.


Alice said...

3 Preteens:

You lucky, lucky, lucky girl.

Yep. You'll have several more years of this.

And yep, you'll never ever really *win*.

God speed. :-)

ipodmomma said...

mangoes! that's a new one...

I don't use bath smellies too often, but J was pestering me yesterday, if I was going to use the ones I have... she only has about 10 bottles of her own all over the tub... :)))

madcapmum said...

Sounds like Elcie and Poppy have a lot in common.... I don't even ask how many more years, because I don't think I can face the answer.

tina said...

Ann, hope you got the package!

JBlue said...

I have one of those hair-splitters, too. He also likes to gripe now and then.

grannyfiddler said...

i took a counselling course, some years ago, where we were told that the rebellion and argumentativeness (is that a word?) of children and adolescents is their way of separating themselves from parents, of becoming an individual. the instructor went on to say that kids who never do this are often kids who are too fearful of the consequences of doing it (rejection or anger). and that's not a healthy thing. so, after learning this, i began to placate myself with the idea that i must have done SOMETHING right, as they were all quite unafaid to disagree with me and make their own choices about things. maybe, even messed up as i was, they still managed to get the message that i loved them, no matter what.

i like the idea of frozen mangos for burns. you could eat them when they were through with their work. unlike aloe vera, which works excellently (and would probably be terrific frozen too) but the taste... gag! i've also used honey on burns with great success. it has to be in liquid form, go on immediately, and repetetively, and it's awfully messy. doesn't cool the burn like some things, but it doesn't blister as badly as it might have, and heals quickly.

Andrea said...

My dad socks in the bath every night with it full of bath oils and salts. He doesnt tell anyone this though, lol

Andrea said...

soaks not socks

stefanierj said...

I was a horrible, horrible teenager, and I'm here to tell you that now, my mother is my best friend. Eventually, kids realize there are OTHER people in the world and that you're one of them that's a good guy.

Hang in there.

kuri & ping said...

Oh, preteens! My cousin's daughter just turned 12 and I saw her over Christmas...Yikes! I was DEFINITELY not like that (I think I hear my mom in the distance calling me, what is it? A liar? :) I was truly awful. LOL They'll be friends again with you in a few years. :) Good luck!!! :)

caroline said...

Phew! Glad we have that sorted out. Food 'over' rice always sounds so much interesting than the english 'food with rice'...

Fascinating about the mangoes. Could it be that it has the same properties as Aloe Vera?

You're doing a grand job there.

caroline said...

Damn! Apologies Grannyfiddler, just read your fullsome comment. Yes have two argumentative little swine whom I worry not about and one shy eccentric who, though only 8 now, I think may give me sleepless nights in the future. The love word is all, as far as I'm concerned.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I have a full ledge teen on my hands, but thank God only one!

But here lately I have an extra one who's parents are divoraced, and she talks to her father something awful. I'm glad she dosen't talk to me like that, but she might be afraid I'd tell her to go home NOW!

But my daughter has tried some of her stuff, and I had to have a talk with her! I'm not having that!

I can tolerate the eye rolling the foot stomping when I tell her to do something, and some of the arguing but not all. But call me old fasioned, but I'll not tolerate being disrespected!