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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just wrapping up - long day - updated

I made the mistake of showing the girls the picture. Rochelle climbed in on her own and nothing would do for Rebecca but to follow. I said okay this once but never again.

The kitten is a cutie and yes, he is a he. I can't remember if I said he has a short tail. Not Manx but a little shorter than normal which gets him off balance sometimes. Elcie identifies with him and it's one of the reasons he was chosen to stay. The other was his disposition. He isn't the prettiest of the kittens but he's the best natured, the most inquisitive, and probably the smartest. He was also the runt but he's making up for it fast.

Although climbing into driers doesn't show too much in the way of brains. He tries for the refrigerator from time to time as well. I never know where he's going to turn up.

Janice, you're right. He was going after the lint trap which he discovered on his way out. He does all the silly kitty stuff.

Lindsay sent me an "ode to a cat", at least that's what I'm going to call it. Thanks Lindsay. I enjoy the poems.

Tina, I'm wearing the choker. Thank you, it's lovely. My husband shows me every piece of junk mail that comes in and forgets to tell me about your package. He didn't think there was anything unusual about Czech Republic? At least it was in a safe place.

SpOOk-a-Lot is too funny. If you've never checked out her blog, you're missing something. She sent me a recipe for buffalo wings which I need to reassemble before posting. Maybe tomorrow.

Today was busy. I took Carol to chemo this morning, picked Tim up at Barnes & Noble, dropped Tim off at his house to change and grab his travel bag, picked up Carol from chemo, picked Tim back up, dropped him at Amtrak, and then picked up Rebecca from school. Everything except the first trip was done between 2:45 and 3:45. The younger girls went to their after school church program and Elcie did homework and goofed off.

Speaking of the church, we're hosting the 28th Annual International Sacred Run Saturday night. They'll start from Alcatraz; their first stop will be Merced. It sounds like a lot of distance in one day, 135 miles approximately. Of course they'll run in relays. We'll feed them and then they'll spend the night at the church. They plan to arrive in Washington, DC on Earth Day, 4-22-06, after a swing through the hurricane afflicted Gulf Coast.

Mother Damnable just sent me the link to their web site (which I couldn't find last night). The cat probably ate it. Click on the post title.

The Theme is "All Life is Sacred" and here's what they say:

"All across America, we will listen and engage one another in conversations about Mother Earth: clean air, soil and water; about sacred sites and burial sites and other issues of concern to Native Americans; about the ways of the People in peace and war."

Runners from the U. S., Japan, Australia and Canada will participate. I hadn't heard of it until this year but it sounds like a wonderful thing. I'll be helping out with the dinner set up and serving and probably take the girls. They'll have a Sunrise Service (Native American) in the early morning and be on their way.

It's late and I'd better close this out. Everyone did their homework, all are on their best behavior.

I have at least two more comments. One from Mother Damnable and one from Anvilcloud who said something about cats. Hi, you two. They pop up at the bottom of the screen but I can't read the whole thing.

Dmitri seems to be hanging in with blogging, at least for now. He had a new post today. He also has the flu. Andrea has had a miserable cold, madcap and several others have been sniffling. It seems to be making the international rounds. It's already been here.

Good night. Stay well or try to.


tina said...

Ann! SO glad you got the necklace. Post a photo so we can see how pretty it looks!

Andrea said...

cold and flu finally finished. YAA!!!
Silly girls in the pics below. lol!!!

Mother Damnable said...

Hiya Ann, the All life is Sacred Run sounds fun, but a long run :>)

Good luck with your kitty, we had four babies born last night so are in happy baby bliss mode ATM.

We are well here, love to you and yours

Alice said...

Cute kitten.

Cuter kids.

I've never had flu. Pretty bad colds, lots of times, but never 'flu'.

You're right, that DOES sound "wonderful".

Love to all xxx

Granny said...

ATM - at the moment. I've been hanging around Wells Fargo too long and was very confused.

I'm slow but I usually get there eventually.

Turtle Guy said...

You are a busy girl, aren't you! Wow... I know I don't get by here a whole lot, but there always seems to be SOMETHING going on! One of the things I like about your space and Mollie's - family stuff - just regular, everyday goings on. Nice.

Gawdessness said...

that is a run that sounds like something I would love to try, of course in a relay!
We have headaches in my house and have had for the last three days - it is not joyful.
Hope the sniffles dry up soon.