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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nothing in particular - gmail working - thanks

L., that is two coffee cups and a cell phone. I will display a vacuum bag one of these days. First, I have to purchase one.

Angel, that kitchen table will be history as soon as the girls come in.

Julian, and it's not even my phone. Mine lives in my pocket.

Ray went to his followup doctor appointment, the girls haven't returned from school, and I have cancelled all activities for today (I think). Actually there was only one, I misread my calendar.

Finished the laundry (even put it away), did some general straightening, and poured another cup of coffee. My exciting life goes on.

Several of you have asked about Ray and the oxygen. His doctor is trying to push it through, he didn't come home with it and is already feeling the effects somewhat. Our air quality is awful as I've said before. If we have to, we'll pay for it and cut back somewhere else but when did breathing become a luxury?

End of rant. Again.

JW, Beckster, and JennyBee - thanks for the input on gmail. I discovered the reason I couldn't do it was I was reading html instead of "standard view". I have now dumped all my trash and many of the archived periodicals on the theory if I haven't needed the old news items in 30 days, I never will. I wasn't running out of storage, I just hate clutter.

I might be back if I don't fall into bed at 7:00 p.m. again. Girls have one more day of school and then off for a week. However, the high schools and the adjacent school district observe the standard President's Day and Lincoln days which were two 3 day weekends in a row. Parents are upset because they have kids in elementary, middle, and high school. I don't blame them. Let's get our act together. It's a lousy time for an entire week off. I'd rather they start the school year a few days later which is what the high school does. Different districts.

Talk to you later.


MsSisyphus said...

Ann, if you don't mind my asking, exactly how many days long is your school year? I'm seeing a oattern here that I'm thinking might be exacerbating the whole "race through the units/no time to check for understanding" problem you've been having with Rebecca and math.

Without knowing the exact schedule, it looks to me like there's a lot of vacation time built in to that schedule. Perhaps a little less downtime and a few more weeks of classtime would give teachers some room to make sure the basics are covered as well as time to cram for those ridiculous tests.

Uncle Roger said...

Actually, for us, it's a really good week to have off. 8^) Rachel gets it off and we're currently in North Lake Tahoe at a friends house after a day of falling down in the snow. And we've got nearly a week more ahead of us. 8^)