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Friday, March 03, 2006

Another World Blossoming

We're all concerned about the environment, the ecology, and the world we're leaving our kids.

We have visitors here who are attempting to be fully self-sustaining, some who do as much as they can in that direction and rely very little on "purchased" goods, and we have city people like me who do what they can as well.

When I talk about our warm winter here this year, I don't consider it a blessing. I'm concerned.

My friend Mother Damnable, who comments frequently here and on isamericaburning, has sent me a publication about a group called "Another World Is Blossoming?. We can't all make it to their London symposium but there is much of interest to read and web sites to visit.

I'll read it much more thoroughly later (laundry keeps getting in the way) but wanted to get it out on both blogs quickly.

I'll be back later - probably tonight.

Two kids still sick - Elcie passed her crud on to me I think.


JBlue said...

Stay well, Gran! Hope those kids get better fast.

megz_mum said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to say I visit your blog regularly and enjoy reading it.
You are an amazing lady, nurturing the various generations in your family.
I agree with you re our changing weather - it is scary. We live in a low rainfall area, our wet season to date has delivered possibly half of the normal rainfall for this time. Dam levels are low, weather is hot. I think it is important to find what positive changes we can make in our lives to minimise our impact on the world. Not easy though - humans aren't exactly low impact beings!
Hope you get better soon

Tom said...

Hey there Ann. Nice to see that all this web resource isn't being used only by the youngsters.

Visited your blog and read all about you and got to wonder how you keep your head above water. I'm sometimes at a loss caring for 17 hairy, horny bovines, one donkey and 28 chickens. Kids are tougher!

I may try to update my blog tonight. I'm still running water for the cows (8:30pm) because I'll be at a grass finishing seminar tomorrow. Oh well, it keeps us off the street corner at night.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

So sorry you and Elcie are ill.
I hope you two get better soon!


Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi granny

We have experienced our driest year ever, on the driest continent on earth. Melbourne rainfall is only around 44 inches year.

Despite the dryness, farmers continue to innovate and adapt to the changing conditions, producing more from less!! The answer is to work closer with Mother Nature and set aside corridors of preservation within linked properties, which allows for bio diversity and a much greater total production from far less land without any irrigation. There is certainly room for optimism.

Josef Davies-Coates said...


Thanks for mentioning Another World Is Blossoming on your blog! :)

All the latest info can be found on: