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Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging (it's officially Friday here)

From bottom to top:

Fidget (the pooper and all around menace - he's been very good lately)

Spunky (alpha female, ladylike and usually dignified)

Rochelle (not a cat - a kid)

The cats are perched on top of one of the removable video drawers. Fidget has taken to following Spunk around like a puppy. Spunk turns around and bats him gently from time to time but she's usually tolerant.

I'll get around to the meme tomorrow. I still have work to do on it and the questions to answer. I'm going to be sensible and call it a night.


Alice said...

Ann, that pitcure is beautiful! I love the gorgeous happy smile on Rochelle's face.

Hope all is well. Will probably email later. Posting seems unlikely today, so bar a comment here & there, Blog World will have to survive without me.

Hugs x

Missy said...

Hey Ann, I lied and stayed up a little longer to work on making my blog a little prettier. I'm such a tinkerer, it's not even funny.

That's a cute picture. I have a cat like your Fidget (in the sense that he poops on the floor, too). They say it's a behavioral problem. Cats never deliberately do that unless they're upset about something. For our cat, it was the baby, a dirty litterbox, no food in the bowl, or general crankiness about something. Try giving him more attention somehow and it might stop.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what a sweet picutre..

the kittys are so cute..but the little cant top that..shes so cute;)

Turtle Guy said...

That's acceptable behaviour from your felines! My boys, on the other hand, take a real nasty approach... territorial, is all I can say!

...haven't kept up over here in ages... I hope you're all well!

Sarah Elaine said...

Cute picture!

Cats really do rule the world, don't they?

Beth Fish said...

Kitties! What a bunch of cuties, all of them. :)

beckster said...

Wow, I am away from the computer for a few days and you have a tornado! Glad you all sound so well!