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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St.. Pat's from Ann, Ray & girls

I almost forgot in all the excitement to say erin go bragh or something like that. Maybe I will just dance a jig. Sure, I will. More details in post below for those who haven't already been here.


MsSisyphus said...

That pic made my night! I'm sure Ray is MUCH happier to be home than the picture shows. And clearly the girls (and you) are thrilled to have him back where he belongs. Yay!

Andrea said...

me tooo! I was sooo happy to see his umm smiling, hehe mug when I clicked here!!! Glad you are home RAY!!!!!

and do the dishes tomorrow.
go to bed together and sleep well!!

Janice said...

Yay, Rays home!

I'm so happy for you, him, and the girls!

Now I guess everyone can sleep in the respective beds, and actually get some sleep!


Rowan said...

After seeing Finnish grumpy faces for so long, I can tell he's happy. ;) It's all in the subtleties, you know! :D The green crown is quite charming!

And as for those self-cleaning dishes, well ... Paper plates are great, but so are doggy tongues! :D Clean those dishes reaaaally well! (Only downside is no one wants to eat off of it afterwards ... Hmmm ... Maybe if I ever have bad in-laws again, I'll serve them food on a doggy-cleaned dish!)

Actually, my family refers to paper plates as the "fine china". And of course, for every family get-together, we are eating off the fine china. :D

Alice said...

So glad he's home. Give him my best wishes.

Well, now email is working (sort of. Not reliably) and as is typical, something else has gone wrong: our phones went dead on Wednesday and are still dead now. We have two lines, not our usual, and we are battling with BT to get us an engineer out to fix the problem. We deal with customer service for people who purchase our product - it is NOT GOOD when we can't communicate properly.
Oh, and Blogger for me is down again. I'll post later if I can, but things are hectic here and I have over 100 companies to ring regarding an invitation they received for a seminar we're holding.


Sorry. I'll stop moaning now. I'm thrilled that Ray is well enough to be home and that you may finally be able to relax a bit.

I'll moan later on my Blog if possible. Otherwise expect a whiney email here and there.

Hugs xxx

PS: tell Elcie, Rebecca & Rochrlle that my sympathies are with them regarding Mathematics. It sucks, and 95% of the stuff you do in school will never be used again.
Not exactly an incentive to work hard at it, is it?

kuri & ping said...

Glad that Ray is home!!!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thats a good picture of Ray !!
I guess this may be one of your best?

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland
Then maybe at the closing of your day
You will sit and watch the moon rise over Claddagh
And see the sun go down on Galway Bay

Just to hear again the ripple of the trout stream
The women in the meadow making hay
And to sit beside a turf fire in the cabin
And watch the barefoot gossoons at their play

For the breezes blowing o'er the seas from Ireland
Are perfumed by the heather as they bloom
And the women in the uplands diggin' praties
Speak a language that the strangers do not know

For the stranger came and tried to teach us their way
They scorned us just for being what we are
But they might as well go chasing after moonbeams
Or light a penny candle from a star

And if there's going to be a life hereafter
And somehow I am sure there's going to be
I will ask my god to let me make my heaven
In that dear land across the Irish sea

Alice said...

Ann, I need a favour. Or, tp be more accurate I need two favours. Firstly, can you check and see if One Girl & Her Cats is viewable at your end? I'm having real problems here and seems I'm not the only one. And secondly, could you perhaps pop a post up on here saying that if anyone tries to access One Girl & Her Cats and can't to not worry; it's an on going problem that started yesterday and are hopefully trying to sort it?

Thanks x
Oh, and did you get my email from my new yahoo account?

Mary P. said...

What a relief! I see he's brought his oxygen with him. Things sure have improved since my grandfather needed the stuff: we had this huge rusty tank in one end of the living room, which was replaced by burly men in coveralls every so often. Nowadays you can be so much more mobile.

Congratulations, and Happy St. Pat's!

Tom said...

Ray, I don't know you but if it were me I'd sure be happy to be home. I'd like to borrow your hat. When I feed the cows it will give them something to talk about.

achromic said...

Right I got to wear green today ..... grrr well ok.

Thanks for comeing over so much to my blog..... it means a ton to me. More then that actually.... but I don't have the right words to say it all.

tAnYeTTa said...

Ray looks good. He looks very happy and relieved to be HOME. Love his hat. Hugs to you Granny, I still wonder how you do it all. You are definitely the glue that keeps em all together.... I love you for that.

JBlue said...

Glad to see Ray's at home again. Have fun in San Fran, Gran.

Dawn Isaac said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day Too. I didn't realize it was today until I was looking for something on Google!

It is good to see Ray is back home. Being in the hospital sucks. I left the second they discharged me in September. So fast in fact that I had to go back the next day to pick up my prescription!

I am not up to date with what is going on with Ray so I am going to go read more of your blog. Have a good day! :)

grannyfiddler said...

welcome home, Ray. nice hat!

an irish blessing for ye, one i'll be using as we play for the big St Paddy's bash tomorrow

may those that love ye, love ye
and those that don't love ye,
may God turn their hearts

and if He can't turn their hearts
may he turn their ankles
so ye'll know 'em by their limpin'

Janice said...

Happy St. Paddy's day to you too Ann, & Ray and the girls too!

Sarah Elaine said...

Great photo! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, too!

Gina said...

Great picture, happy St. Pat's! And as you are in California, I know I'm not too late with this!

DA said...

Hurray for Ray! Good to see you reunited all together!! Take care!!!

Angel said...

Bless his heart, Ray is a good sport ;)

SO very glad he's home!!!