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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More About Not Much at All

Rochelle and Rebecca are at their after school church program, Elcie is watching "my" ABBA dvd, and I just took a bath, shampooed my hair, and am ready to head out for PFLAG later. CNN is running a program on anorexia and insurance coverage which is truly frightening. Bean counters deciding on appropriate treatment while young girls die. Sometime I'll write my book about the bean counters.

Has anyone else had a problem with blogger or bloglines not allowing them to view certain sites? It wouldn't bother me quite so much except that two of them are mine. I can always get in another way but it's certainly annoying. I wrote but haven't received a response.

It happened again just now.

It's so much fun when I write about something as trivial as a french fry and receive 12 comments, all well thought out. Mo-Wo says "french fries don't fatten people - people fatten people".

I drove R & R to school today (drizzly and cold) and went straight to the hospital from there. They are feeding him again. Hadn't done that except for liquids for a couple of days and now they're easing into it. He looked pretty good so maybe it won't be too much longer. Someone from their Palliative Care Unit left his card but Ray didn't know what it was about. Now I don't know if they're planning to provide in home service or what's going on. They always explain when he's discharged so maybe I'll know more then. I googled the name and it could mean anything from really serious to just helping out. I will not panic.

I should just turn off the stupid t.v. Now it's bird flu. Our set is still in the shop and the off-on knob on this one has been missing forever. Off is no problem but on requires tweezers. I may do it anyhow. Dubya just came on - That decided it. I'll save the rant for the other blog.

This will be the first time I've been out of the house just for me in almost a month. I've been cancelling everything that involved leaving at night. Time to "act as if" and get myself up and out of here. I always enjoy it; it's just making the first move.

Elcie was having trouble with negative and positive numbers last night so I had her stop. When she's that tired, nothing makes sense and I wasn't a whole lot better. This morning she finished it up but she still was confused and I wasn't much help. I can do them in my head but I have trouble explaining and she's using a number line which confuses me more. She asked the teacher if she could go on to the next lesson and see if it made more sense to her. She did and it did. I think she's got it.

I was thinking about writing a post about Google, the judge's decision, porn viewing by kids (is that what they're really after or do they, as usual, have ulterior motives?), and the government not trusting parents to protect their kids. I guess I just wrote it. After Rebecca's little experiment with the world of porn, I put a child lock on the computer in the other room. Not here yet, I'm almost always around or someone is.

I wonder how you feel about it. To me, it's like the french fry. It's up to me to protect my kids (at least up to a point) and I don't think I need the government's help. But that's just my opinion.

Blogger keeps popping up with warnings about losing the connection so I'd better close this out before it goes away completely.

I may be back tonight but more likely tomorrow sometime. I found a "what kind of car are you" quiz which I may steal in the next couple of days and I'll see what recipes are out there.

Take care.


Caitlin said...

I've noticed Bloglines seems to be flaky during US lunch hours, and again a bit after rush hour is over. I notice it happens more on Livejournal feeds, since the feed shows as updated when a private entry is posted. I've been looking for something better than Bloglines, but I haven't found anything that is worth the trouble of moving my feeds.

Hopefully the Palliative Care unit is just helping out. Glad to hear it looks like he's getting better. I'm keeping you in my thoughts, and hopefully life will return to normal soon.

Turtle Guy said...

ABBA rocks! Lots of childhood memories there... that and roller skating....

Andrea said...

I hope he comes home soon Ann!!
Good luck.

Andie D. said...

I'm getting frustrated with Ray's prognosis just reading through the past few posts! Can't the doc take a few minutes and sit down with both of you to explain?

Sorry. I had a tricky hospital experience once where I couldn't seem to get any answers. After that, I started writing stuff down.

Hope Ray can come home soon.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Still nothing from the doctor's? Can't you pin someone down for a few minuets to explain what is wrong with Ray to you? I'm not too crazy about hospital either!

P0rn sights should be out lawed! But we have the fifth amendment rights so we have p0rn.

My daughter isn't on the internet unless me or my husband is looking over her shoulder. Most homes both mom's and dad's work these days, and junior get to do what-ever he want until they come home at 5:00 or so. So I guess it's these kids that congress want to protect from googling p0rn on the internet.


stefanierj said...

Lately bloglines has been telling me it can't get the feeds for certain sites. Annoying!!

Anvilcloud said...

Blogger has been giving me a lot of "Access Denied." I hit the Refresh icon, and up pops the page.

Anonymous said...

well grannerwanner, i'll tell you this. not every parent is as good as you, or responsible. there are a lot of (pardon my words) DUMB parents out there, who do not keep an eye on their kids nor do they monitor the computer. so ever since the beginning of time the government has taken on the task of Big Brother to these sorts of people, because they figure, if the parents aren't doing it, we don't want to be turning out a bunch of hooligans into the streets of america. does this make sense? to someone like you, or me, it is annoying to have someone telling us common sense. but to dumb people, they are dumb. and they don't know any better. trust me.

i always think about dumb parents at halloween time. the radio and TV stations come on, and tell people to watch out for their kids, they give off a bunch of safety precautions that even a monkey should know.

so i don't know what to tell you. as long as there are dumb people, the government will tell us what to do. the bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

granny said...

GOOGLE runs blogger. This doesn't have any more to do with protecting children than National Animal Identification System (NAIS) does with protecting the food supply.

You do know that the Pentagon is tracking your children through the No Child Left Behind, don't you?

We better regain our country pretty soon or get used to the bar codes on our foreheads.

Gawdessness said...

I admit to liking some government regulation to help protect children but of course like anything it can be wrongheaded, improperly motivated and just plain wrong.