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Monday, March 20, 2006

Mostly kids - update

L. emailed permission to post her kids. Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of her older boy. The top two are Little Son and Little Son with Roger's Jared.

Next is Wood playing on the floor with an invisible Juniper because Rebecca decided to pop up about that time. Ham!!

Then, the inseparable Little Son and Jared with the air hockey table. L. says he won't fall off and he didn't.

The beautiful little girl is L's daughter.

The couple of shots I have of Roger's lovely little girl don't do her justice so I skipped them. He has far better photos buried in his journals I think.

I have a couple of my girls including one of Rochelle at her most beautiful and that will be it for the night. Update: Changed my mind about the photo of Rochelle. She'd never speak to me again.

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Jenorama said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting all the photos! What a great time you all had! What beautiful kids!!!