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Sunday, March 05, 2006

One Long Day

First, welcome to Jess who lives in the Los Angeles area, has an adorable son, and writes a blog called sweetest boy. We ran across each other on Blogging Baby commenting on Mommy Blogs.

Also welcome to megz mum from Queensland, Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef. I know that because I looked it up.

And to Tom, the father-in-law of another blogging friend. Tom's stories of life on the farm with the cows and chickens remind me of mine. I'll try for the link at some point. Blogger is being stubborn and I don't want to exit one too many times and lose this post, such as it is.

I'm pretty sure I covered Eden and Caitlin earlier.

I think we were defending the mommies who blog. I said I was an honorary mommy blogger of sorts and I guess that's true. I never thought of it that way before. I think of this more as an international coffee-klatch. I don't understand the attack on the mommies though. Why should it be anyone's business but theirs what they choose to write about. You dislike a blog, don't go there. It isn't necessary to insult the bloggers.

I've been up since 6:30 a.m. for no good reason, it's dreary here, and this day has gone on forever. We didn't even try for church. All of us had the blahs. Even the cats were dragging around.

Elcie is over whatever it was, Rochelle's eyes seem to be okay, but Rebecca's were itching a little so I'll take a look in the morning. Couldn't see any redness tonight. I may send her to bed with eyedrops just in case.

Brokeback Mountain won best director; Crash (which I haven't seen) won best picture. One out of two isn't bad and Crash received excellent reviews so I can live with it.

I'm just checking in - kind of a nothing day around here. Fixed spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner, did more laundry of course, surfed around some, and watched my first Giants game of the year (pre-season). Maybe that's why I'm depressed. I was sitting here watching some of my favorite players (who are now playing for the Cubs). They snatched our manager a few years ago as well although I'm fond of Felipe Alou, our manager now.

I'm old enough to remember when all three Alou brothers, Felipe, Matteo, and Jesus played for the Giants at the same time. He started in 1958 and his younger brothers in 1959, about the time the Giants left New York for San Francisco, much to my disgust. I was a Brooklyn fan (they went to L.A.) but I finally got over it. The Alous may have made up the only outfield comprised of brothers. There were three DiMaggios but they played for different teams and one of them, Vince, didn't play for long. Felipe's son, Moses, plays for us now.

Got wrapped up in ancient history and forgot to mention we lost.

Girls are on their way to bed and I'm joining them shortly. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a little more inspired.

They were crabby today too. Must be something in the air. They were squabbling over the t.v. which caused the t.v. to turn off. I started to turn it back on after an hour and Elcie started the argument again so it went back off again. That time she knew enough to cut her losses.

On the What City Are You? Most of us so far are Austin and one commenter said no matter how she answered the questions, she still turned up as Austin. Very strange when we can't even cheat our way into the city of our choice. We have a couple of Bostons, a New York, and at least one Miami. Thanks for playing along, it's fun. One more Austin, Norene just popped up at the bottom of the screen. Hi Norene if you check back in.

As I looked through the comments surrounding the flag, we're a well traveled group as well. I'm sorry I didn't have a Canadian map up; there must be one out there somewhere. My answer would be easy - Ontario. That's it - just Ontario. I lived in both Buffalo and Detroit when I was much younger. Maybe 3 years total for the two cities. My two oldest were born in Buffalo.

Next week will be Elcie's birthday. Thirteen. Much taller than me now.

I'm rambling which means it's time to shut it down for the night.

Talk to you later.

Pleasant dreams to all unless you're not supposed to be sleeping right now.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I took the What City Are You test:

New York

Even though I marked that I like west coast cities...odd test...

I find the whole debate about Blogging Mommies funny. I see it as Women Blogging About What They are Interested In, or Good Writers Writing About What They Happen To Be Doing At The Moment (that old thing about "write what you know"). Ithink people who don't like it, shouldn't read it. Period. those of us who do, should enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. :0)

And the same goes for those who like to take photos of just one horse and just one kid. :P

Tom said...

Well the Cubs need all the help they can get and we Cub fans have suffered for so long that we have no guilt about who we steal from whom.

Read your profile and we basically agree in the music categorie except, I would replace New Age W/ old-timey blue grass.

Nothing like a Puccini aria to let you drift off to the sun-lit fields of Tuscanny. Or to put you into the leather seat of a Maserati Quattroporto swooping down the coastal road along the Adriatic on the way to Trieste. Gotta pump up the volume.


Gary said...

What a lovely early morning ramble Granny!I haven't found the what city are you yet, but if it doesn't come up Italian or at the least Greek - I don't what to be a city!

Angela said...

I listened to spring training games all weekend. I'm so ready for baseball to really start. April 1st can't get here fast enough, I'm going to see the A's/Giants game in Oakland!

The A's lost their games over the weekend too (well, they beat the Angels yesterday, but only after losing several games), but I don't even care!

Anonymous said...

okay, i'm all curious now, where is the blog that people were making fun of mommy bloggers? wow, you are going to have a 13 year old. how fun for you NOT

Turtle Guy said...

Yesterday was your day for the blahs, today is mine. It's Monday night and I've been pondering some bits and pieces that have my mind busy. Enjoyed your post tonight - made me realize we ALL have ups and downs in our days and it's all part of the balance in our lives.

JBlue said...

Gran, the Alou brothers played for the Cardinals at the same time for a bit. Matty was very popular. I think I got Jesus' autograph.

Alice said...

Yup. Austin.

Hi Granny; back from my four days laziness, and although drenched, feeling much better. :0)

I'll post an entry in a bit. Hope all is still well. Glad girls are feeling better.