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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Party Time

We've been trying to put this together for a while now. I've been suitably vague about it all since I didn't know how the others felt.

Now that Dutch has published the social event of the season on Blogging Baby, there's no need for all the secrecy. Sorry the link to the post didn't work but he posts on BB as J. D. Griffioen, it's dated March 19, and should be easy enough to find.

I think this all started with L. and me chatting back and forth about meeting sometime. One of us said "what about Roger"? The other said "absolutely and Dutch and Wood too". We had included a couple of others as well but they couldn't make it. Maybe another time. We all "met" on BB over a year ago now, chasing each other around the comment boxes. L. and I didn't even have blogs then but our friend Jen C., at that time a writer for BB, changed all that by setting up our blogs. Kind of like throwing someone in the deep end of the pool and suggesting, ever so gently, that we swim. We've been dog paddling around the blog pool ever since.

I drove into the city on Saturday, met L. first which helped break the ice and later on we all met up at Roger's. Roger had lots of snacks ready, he cooked steaks, and chicken, L. brought a wonderful rice salad, and we had more food than anyone could eat. Some of us left with doggy bags.

Yes, I have pictures. The picture of L. was taken before the party, the others during. I would have had more if I had handed someone else my camera. Also, some were of kids that haven't had their cute little mugs all over the internet so I'm skipping those. I've emailed copies to their parents. Take my word for it, all the kids were adorable.

I was so nervous. I didn't know if the real life me could possibly fit with all these sophisticates. They'd all be bored to tears and much too polite to say so. I showed up in my usual jeans and sweatshirt, kids in tow, and was met by Roger waving madly with Rachel coming out right behind him. From then on, it was easy. We never stopped talking. L. and family arrived not much later, and then Dutch, Wood & Sweet Juniper.

I'm not going to mess with links. Sometime, I'll figure out what the problem is. Meantime, they're all on the blogroll. Dutch is listed as Dutch, L. is shown as L. the homesick home, and Roger is Uncle Roger's Notebooks, etc., and Jen is shown as one of the contributors to granny. Andrea, of course, is the other, but it would be a little difficult for her since for the next little while she's still in Japan.

Roger has two younger kids, Jared and Sara, and kid friendly house (reminded me of mine)complete with air hockey which was the big hit of course. Roger has tons of dvd's and games. The kids were much too busy to find serious trouble and, amazingingly, they all got along. L. has two boys and a girl; the oldest about Rebecca or Rochelle's age, and two younger. Juniper is barely toddling now, and my girls were the oldest. Nine kids, seven adults, no meltdowns, lots of laughter, and no strained silences that I noticed. Nobody seemed bored. Speaking for myself, it was wonderful.

We were predisposed to like each other and I'm sure that helped.

After way too much food and not enough time to keep on talking, we noticed kids (and adults) were beginning to fade and all went our separate ways until the next time. Dutch and family will be leaving the city (darn it anyhow) but the rest of agreed there will be a next time and there was some talk of moving the party in this direction. Not an exclusive club by any means but we were the ones who weren't scattered all over the globe.

I'll have the pictures up in a few minutes as a separate post.


Janice said...

Oh, that does sound like it was fun!

Most of the people I blog with, h-mm is that the right tense? Anway my blogger buddies are all over the globe, well. . . except for you Ann! Your roughly 30 miles away.

Rowan said...

I'm glad you had such a great time! It all sounds vey exciting!