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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rochelle Traced the Bird, Drew the Rest - Update

I couldn't crop out the bird without losing her flower growing out of the ocean.

She frets about sharks in rivers and lakes as well. I was a little surprised when she was willing to dabble a hand in the water. She drew this tonight after homework and before bed.

I made up today for the goofing off yesterday. Everything unpacked and at least in the right rooms. They each packed their own shampoos, etc. which I didn't realize until too late. I wondered why the bag was so heavy.

I forgot to mention Elcie was sick yesterday but is fine today and back in school. She did a lot of walking and some of it may have been fatigue. It was still worth it to see their excitement. The other two did fine and had a printout of themselves at the ocean to show off.

I picked up our replacement t.v. at Circuit City and Ray is in heaven. Update: I scared the "poo" out of one of our visitors with that sentence. Ray is in heaven was a figure of speech - he's still doing fine. Our "old" one wasn't that old and was under service contract so this one was almost free. I don't bother with the contracts on small things but on something like this, I figure it's worth it. We stashed the 1969 relic back in the closet until something else happens. Bought groceries, put away laundry, and made a little order out of the chaos. We're almost back to what passes as normal for us. I didn't cook. Rochelle and Rebecca ate dinner at CATCH, their after school church activity, and Elcie settled for leftovers. I have chicken thawing for tomorrow and I'll decide later what to do with it.

Thanks for all the great comments over the past couple of days. I think I got back to most of you. If I missed someone, consider this your thank you. Even my son chimed in. He called to tell me he could not only cross one eye, he could roll the other at the same time. I warned him once again his face would freeze like that. Mr. Eddie, I still say that but I don't see any signs that they believe me.

I spotted this article in the Christian Science Monitor today. With all our agonizing over the problems with kids today, it's refreshing to see the good kids all over the world working to make a difference. I prefer to think they are in the majority.

My girls are putting change in collection boxes at church trying to purchase a heifer for Heifer Int'l. I hope they succeed. We do it every year and I'm not sure if they have ever managed an entire cow but they've always been able to do something. They are learning a valuable lesson in caring whether they can provide a heifer or a goat. It all helps.

Once again, an early bedtime for me I hope. I have a couple of blogs to look at yet and I see I have mail. Talk to you all later.

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Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I guess that you have reasured Rocell that sharks can't live in fresh water? Kids sometimes get unrealistic fears of things. I remember having a reacuring fear that something would get me from the shower drain, then that darn Steven King movie called "It" came out and I got it back! Well just for a few nights anyway.

I hope Elcie feels better soon, and it is only that she is tired. My husband and I have some kind of intestanal virus. But my daughter dosen't thank goodness, and ever her sinus infection seems better too.

That is good news about the TV, recovering from what Ray has been through is bad enough, but no TV? That would suck!

I hope Elcie, Ray, and Carol are all feeling like themselves again real soon!


Lindsay Lobe said...

You can tell Rochelle I liked her drawing and maybe in her life she will always like to draw. She might even one day become an Artist, if she is willing to work and study hard at it.

You might like to share a story about the first born mighty Albatross who can cruise at 140 kph and spend most of their time circumnavigating the globe, returning to their nesting grounds after reaching breeding maturity only after 5 -7 years.

When I was in NZ last year I visited a colony that is unique as its only a few KM from the city centre in Dunedin on the South Island.

The birds are like humans, mate for life, but divorce at 10 years is not uncommon and causes ugly scenes.
Just like the human species.

Has she read "The Snow Goose" By Paul Gallico. That was a favourite of mine and no doubt you remember it ?

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Rochelle is quite the artist. And it seems she has quite an imagination, which can be both a blessing and a curse!

I know you feel better now that you're all caught up around the house. And of course, a new TV would make any man happy!

Beth said...

"I picked up the replacement TV..and Ray is in heaven."

My God woman! I mean it is just 6:30am and I have not had my first cup of tea, but are you trying to scare me to death?

Ray is in heaven!!! What???!!!

Oh...I get it. She means metaphorical heaven...because of the TV.


I better go drink that cup of tea.

Loved the drawings by the way.

Gawdessness said...

I'd have had the Poo scared out of me too.
But I love that you probably said it in such a peaceful and offhand way.
Now it makes me giggle.

I used to worry about sharks in freshwater lakes too.
I think it is normal :).

Anonymous said...

early to bed, early to rise. you up yet?

stefanierj said...

Love the CSMonitor--thanks for the link! Glad Ray's feeling better. You all are in our prayers.

Rowan said...

Having a decent TV is a necessity of peaceful co-existance, don't you know? ;) My grandfather is hell to be around if he has a broken TV!

I am not scared of sharks in the water so much as I am scared of alligators, snapping turtles and poisonous snakes! But can you blame me--I DID grow up in Louisiana. ;) To this day I will not go into a body of water where I cannot see where I am stepping. Dark water? No, no!

Rochelle's drawing is much better than anything I could concoct these days!

mreddie said...

With all those lovable characters around, how do you have time to even breathe? ec

Bridgermama said...

Beautiful artwork! Could you maybe stop by and organize the clutter in my house too?