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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sorry - It's Just Been One of Those Weeks

Nothing dramatic and I just can't think of much to write.

Rochelle went on a field trip to Grasslands over near Los Banos (30 miles west) today and had a great time looking at critters. She made the track team and she's happy. Came out fifth in the tryouts. I did not ask her how many tried out. I don't know just what an elementary track team does when there is no track but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. Good for her. I've seen her run - she moves out quickly.

Elcie has been feeling yucky most of the week and been out of school. She probably could have staggered in today but it's Friday and this will give her a whole weekend to feel better.

Rebecca says she took that beautiful picture, not Rochelle although Rochelle helped. It is now the wallpaper on the computer at her request. Vain little person.

Spring is here somewhat and the girls are asking for their spring and summer clothes. I still think it's a little soon but maybe I'll get a few out next week. I don't have room to have winter and summer out at the same time and I'll have to see what still fits of the summer clothes and what will not fit next season of the winter things. Twice a year my friend and I do this and she inherits the don't fits for her little girl who is almost six but is as big for her age as Rebecca is small for hers. Recycle.

Have you been keeping up at all with the "mommy wars" discussions? Or with blog categories? I think the whole thing is silly but maybe I'm just the wrong generation. I was a feminist back when we were in the minority and despised and I know I didn't work as hard as I did to see women criticized for the choices they make. That seems to be what's happening lately and I don't like it.

As for blogs. What is this blog anyway? I never have known. I write a lot about the kids, a little about me, I share recipes and jokes sometimes, and once in a great while a little political opinion creeps in. (Most of that is over on isamericaburning). I like the visitors to know a little about each other so I mention them on their first visit (or try to - sometimes I miss someone). I just start writing and see what I end up with. Most important to me, I try not to be mean. Is this a "parent" or "mommy" blog? Does it really matter? It's just a blog and I'm inventing the "rules" as I go along.

I said on another blog today that I would probably bore some people to tears and that's fine. There are a zillion blogs out there to choose from and anyone who doesn't want to be here needs only to change the channel. I tend to stay with the blogs and their writers who share my concerns. That means everyone who visits here and several who don't.

Anyhow, enough of this for now. I'm planning for an out of town trip tomorrow - not as far this time so I'm making an early night of this and it's almost 11.

Good night all.


Bridgermama said...

I don't think your boring, just pleasant. ;) You have great energy.

Jenorama said...

Interesting thoughts. I have never had anyone call my blog a Mommy Blog, and I don't think it is. I don't think I talk about my kids enough on it, frankly, and the kids certainly aren't the focus of the blog. They get enough focus in my LIFE! :)

I have to admit that I am thoroughly taken in by The Mommy Wars-- but not because I have taken a side, but because I too am sick of it, and because I think the media is trying to gain attention by perpetuating a conflict that doesn't really exist.

Missy said...

Ann, blogging is like any other form of self-expression. Writing, public-speaking, playing music, art...everyone has an opinion.

Some people try to be shocking and so different that they are way outside of the status quo. Others are just mainstream, easy-going and not trying to ruffle any feathers. Others are just painful to watch.

I think the people stirring up this debate about women are just trying to be shocking and different and trying to paint a picture that, in some cases is there, but for a lot of us doesn't really exist.

Then again, I'm a Midwesterner (at least I was) and boring and status quo (except for the music I like and the fact that I vote pretty radically). Oh, and most of my good friends are men, so I don't normally see a ton of this crap that everyone's talking about.

Lindsay Lobe said...

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Rowan said...

Ann, I'm boring, too. :) But I really enjoy reading your blog. It's like eating apple or sweet potato pie--just feels good and has that "homey" feeling. :D

That said, I gave up my rabble-rousing days long ago and so I try not to get too involved in the latest uproar on the internet. Now I'm content to be a hermit, drink my tea and be peaceful. :)

Gawdessness said...

I'm not bored iether and I wan tto wear my summer clothes too.

dongurigal said...

"I was a feminist back when we were in the minority and despised and I know I didn't work as hard as I did to see women criticized for the choices they make. That seems to be what's happening lately and I don't like it."

That's exactly it--I mean, why is everyone so upset about how other women choose to live their lives.

Incidentally, I had the Smenita problem but I thought it was just my computer. That's what's so great about the blog world--you find a community of like-sufferers! ;-)

JBlue said...

Yes, Ann, I thought feminism was about having choices.

I didn't know there were mommy wars going on! Wow! I need to quit putting beehives on innocent peops and pay attention in the world.

So, are you saying there's something wrong with being mean? ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're boring at all! A blog is whatever you want it to be. And those that visit regularly do so because they enjoy you exactly how you are.

I started my blog mainly to keep out-of-town relatives up-to-date with our family. Outside interest is wonderful, but a secondary benefit. I would call my blog a "family" blog, not a "mommy blog". Yours may fall into the same category.

jw said...

Ann, I agree that a blog is whatever you want it to be. You do two blogs that are very different. You do them both well -- the number of readers gives testimony and affirmation.

Enjoy spring.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'll join the corus too, a blog is anything you want it to be!

A blog can show case your writing or poetic, or photographic talents. Or you can use it as a political forum or just to exchange recipes. The choice is your to make; viva the difference!

The world would be an awfully boring place if we were all the same and had all the same oppion!

Later Janice~

mo-wo said...

It's after 11 Saturday night an maybe we should both head to bed! zzzz.

who's afraid of some long comments.. Never a mo-wo.

Yep might make it my tag line..

"Making it up as we go along"

Angel said...

Congratulations on Rochelle making the track team! Our girls seem to have more and more in common ;)

As for the "mommy wars", I dealt with that for a few years over on AOL. Ditching that was the best thing I ever did LOL.

I think of yours as a good mix of parenting, life, social activism. Never boring ;)