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Friday, April 21, 2006

I Spoke Too Soon

Yes, he's home, no, they're not doing the tests on Monday.

He's scheduled for May 8th which means if we can't figure out his meds here, he'll probably be right back where we started a few days ago. Doesn't mean I'm not glad to have him here but once again I can't figure out what they're doing.

To all of you who have already commented, thanks and I'm sorry if I misled anyone. I was parroting what they told Ray earlier.

I may not have anything more until tomorrow. Quiet day with the usual stuff. We do have a storm warning for the south part of the valley but heading this general direction. Heavy rain with 1-1/2 inch hail. Whoopee. It's still Fresno County and we have one county (Madera where Lady Jan lives) between us and Fresno. It it shows up, it will be a while yet. If it hits late at night, I'll have at least two kids plus Ray plus two cats piled in with me. We have one of those ridged roof covers on our patio (next to their bedroom) and hail or even heavy rain sounds like machine gun fire out there.

Please hold a good thought for both of our waterlogged counties.

Talk to you later.


Gina said...

So glad that Ray is home!

I used to think that hosptials were ok places to stay, until I had my son by C-section and then I couldn't hobble out of there fast enough.

I feel so badly for him that he has to keep being shuttled in and out. Not to mention the toll it takes on you and the girls.

Best wishes for both health and no rain.

Ava said...

I hope the storm missed you.

I can just imagine what the hail would sound like!!!

Take care.


Jo said...

Yay I am glad he is home! Hoping and praying that it is an uneventful stay and that no ER trips are included in this flight plan. My mom was in San Fran about the same time you were, (1958-59) She lived close to the pan handle. It would be too funny if you ever knew her! Praying your weekend goes well.

mreddie said...

It is good that Ray is home, but not so good that everything is so uncertain. Sounds like they are just trying to confuse everyone - maybe even themselves. Hope the bad part of the storm misses you folks. ec

Gary said...

Sending good thoughts your way Ray and Grannie.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I heard the rain and hail warning a little while ago, yikes! I'm glad I didn't plant anything but seeds as yet. And your right it'll probably hit us before it'll hit you. We just have a regular composit shengle so it wont make too much of a noise, but the wind earlier was banging things around here something awful!

I hope they get Ray's meds and his health straightened out soon, but I'm glad that he is home again. It must be tough on you and the girls though all this in and out stuff!

Sorry that I couldn't e-mail you back as yahoo is acting up again, but at least I can still leave comments so that's something at least.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, the girls, and especially with Ray.

Hang in there!


L. said...

Oh, glad he`s home where he belongs!

Wishing him good health....

Meow said...

Hope all is going well.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow

granny p said...

Just catching up Ann. Snow? Hope it doesn't hit. And I'm so sorry all the worry about Ray goes on. The medics do their best, but don't they muck you about. I'll think of you over the weekend, tucked up in the warm.

Laurie said...

Hi Ann.. finally stopping by your blog - I just read your bio, and all I can say is "WOW". You are an amazing, strong woman! Those kids are so blessed to have you.

madcapmum said...

I'm getting fed up with how they're treating Ray's condition, and I'm not even involved!

All the best. Sigh.

JBlue said...

Gran, now that you mention the gallbladder (post below), I'm reminded of my father who was in and out of the hospital with chest pain until they removed his gallbladder, and now he's much better.

B.J.W. said...

Hope they figure out what's going on with Ray, you have to play thier silly games(medicare) and makes it hard on everyone, been through it all myself with my husband so can understand how frustrating it is, Betty W.

Anonymous said...

will do.

hope you get it figured out

DA said...

Enjoy your time togeher Ann..

kittenpie said...

my goodness you post a lot! I hadn't been over for a couple of days, and had a good long catchup.
Sorry to hear about Ray. My MIL had her gall bladder out a few years ago and it seemed to be a relatively easy recovery, so I hope the same for him.
and I loved the thing about the warning labels - a knee-slapper, for sure.

Andrea said...

I am with madcap!! I am so fed up with your doctors. I want to shake them.
I am glad Ray is home but take care all, please.
Love ya and stay safe in the upcoming storm.
Of and you are a touch of sunset but a whole lotta sun!!