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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just What You've Always Wanted - Update

Yes, it's another meme. A shorty this time. No embarassing questions, just your birthdate. You don't even need the year.

From DawnMarie who found it at Northernbound.

Search your birthday minus the year at Wikipedia and list 3 events, 2 births, and one death. If you google your birth date, Wikipedia should be the first entry. It was when I did it.

Here's mine:


April 19


Bridget Bishop witchcraft trial - Salem, MA 1692

Battle of Lexington & Concord - 1775 (still a state holiday in Massachusetts, I believe). It's Patriot's day. (See below)

Oklahoma City bombing - 1995. (It's also the anniversary of the Branch Davidian fire at Waco).


Jayne Mansfield - 1933 (does everyone know she was Mariska Hargitay's mom?)

Tim Curry - 1946 (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Deaths - (I had 3 of them and forgot to enter any)

George Gordon, Lord Byron - 1824


On way to Seder/potluck shortly with two big dishes of lasagne. Lovely spring day with no rain. I'll probably be back later if I'm still conscious.


MsSisyphus said...

January 9:

Judges' investigations for the trial of Joan of Arc begin in Rouen, the seat of the English occupation government. (1431)

The "Star of the West" incident. (Considered by some to be the "First Shots of the American Civil War.") (1861)

According to the Julian Calendar which was used at the time, Russian workers stage a march on the Winter Palace that ends in the massacre by Czarist troops known as Bloody Sunday, setting off the Russian Revolution of 1905.

Apparently I have a very bloody birthday :)


Pope Gregory XV (1554)

Simone de Beauvoir, French author (1908)


Amago Haruhisa, Japanese samurai and warlord (1562)

MsSisyphus said...

Crap. I wanna change my death to Napolean. Waaaay cooler. (1873)

Angel said...

March 10--
1876, Edison makes the 1st successful phone call
1964, First Ford Mustang produced
1997, Buffy the Vampire Slayer premieres (my fave LOL)

1940 Chuck Norris
1958 Sharon Stone
(Much better than some of the other birthdays I found!)

1913 Harriet Tubman

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well granny has a b-day soon..mine is coming up too..

I remeber that oklahoma bombing was a few weeks after I got married..very sad, that was..

I love Tim Curry..and yup I knew that was Oliva Bensons mommy..I am up on pop culture and I love SVU..tee-hee

Caitlin said...

November 6 is exactly halfway between autumn and winter.

1. US Presidents elected in 1860, 1888, 1900, 1928, 1956, and 1984 (Jefferson Davis elected as the Confederacy President in 1861.)
2. Meet the Press makes it tv debut in 1947
3.Nintendo founded in 1889

John Philip Sousa (1932)
Suleiman I (the Magnificient/Lawgiver) (1494)

L. Sprague De Camp (2000)

Jenorama said...

Have fun at the Seder!

So many April birthdays! A great month to be born!

Lavender Dawn said...

"does everyone know she was Mariska Hargitay's mom?"


I love the Rocky horror picture show. That's terrible about the bombing. I hate even thinking about it. Wasn't this one actually fun?

Missy said...


1) 1825 - U.S. Congress approves Indian Territory (in what is present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the "Trail of Tears."
2) 1880 - Thomas Edison files a patent for his electric incandescent lamp.
3) 1951 - Nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site begins with a one-kiloton bomb dropped on Frenchman Flats


1) 1756 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer (d. 1791) - I knew this one.
2) 1832 - Lewis Carroll, English author (d. 1898)


1) 1910 - Thomas Crapper, English inventor (b. 1836) - That's the guy who invented the toilet!! Bummer!!!

Melissa said...

December 1


1. 1835 - Hans Christian Anderson publishes first book of fairy tales

2. 1885 - 1st acknowledged date of Dr. Pepper being served (by US patent office)

3. 1952 - NY Daily News reports 1st successful sexual reassignment


1. 1940 - Richard Pryor

2. 1945 - Bette Midler

1987 - James Baldwin

JBlue said...

I did know about Mariska Hargitay. Does anyone else think she is just gorgeous? I love her short, perfect hair and gorgeous brown eyes.

This was fun, Gran. Thanks.

Uncle Roger said...

April 19 is also Jared's birthday. Same year as you, I think? Sad that such an amazing actor as Tim Curry will only be remembered for the RHPS. Anyway, short on time, have a lot to catch up on, but gotta run. Good Yontif!