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Monday, April 17, 2006

Okay, I'm Over It For The Time Being

If you're reading from the latest post down (as I usually do thereby confusing myself), I just posted a long rant (about Ray and his lack of medical care which has put him back in hospital once again). There is also a cute little day after Easter cartoon just below that.

Welcome to Kendra Lynn from Michigan who has two cute little girls.

And also to Lion Mom, a SAHM from Texas who works harder than anyone should have to and does it by choice. I first noticed her at Building the Bigger Family and I've been lurking with an occasional comment ever since. She's amazing.

Today has been a little nuts. On my first sleep in morning (kids on vacation), my phone rang at 6:30 a.m. My younger son, Tim, had spent the weekend at his brother's house and when my dil tried to start her car to take them both to work at Barnes & Noble, absolutely nothing happened. Dead battery. I managed to wake up by the time I got there - no luck with the car so I drove both of them to work. Came back home, started laundry, and put away four baskets of clean clothes that I had let pile up over the weekend (well maybe a little longer). I hope they have purchased a battery.

Took Ray to doctor who decided to admit him to hospital as soon as they had an available bed. He went in around 4 this afternoon (see rant below).

We managed to eat our way through most of yesterday's leftovers and I have the ham bone cooking along with navy beans and an onion for tomorrow. My vampire Rochelle just came in to tell me the stove was on. Good thing - the beans needed more water. She asked for tuna glop - told her later this week. Kids are easily pleased - tuna glop is a no brainer and they love it. I just reminded her it's 11:30 (almost) and bedtime. Hug and kiss and off she went one more time.

My Giants managed to blow a 7-0 lead, fell behind 9-7, and still managed to win a game they didn't deserve. They do that to me every season.

I have a feeling I may be up for a while so I started yet more laundry. Where does it come from? My dryer balls are behaving nicely - they've settled in and now consider my dryer their home. No runaways lately. I may try to do a little reading - sometimes that makes me sleepy.

I'm listening to the Triumphal March from Aida. Just put on a long playlist - all opera but mixed so I don't know what will be coming up next.

On my list of weird things I should have added that I'm equally fond of Conway Twitty and Kiri te Kanawa. (and ABBA and Peter Paul and Mary and baroque). Just depends on my mood at the time. Tonight is opera night at the homestead.

Take care everyone. I know some of you are traveling so safe journey and return.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I didn't feel good over the weekend (my monthly), and the small pile of clothes grew! I like to know where it comes from too, as there are only three of us!

A little birdy named Merle said your having a birthday in a few days!

Let me be the first on your blog to wish you a happy birthday!

Happy birthday!


Jenorama said...

Happy Birthday, Ann!

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann, I have tried asking the family what TTY stood for but no one was able to help, I am very much a novice at this computer stuff, so will have to ask you to explain.
I am praying that your son did get a battery and you manage a sleep in, no one deserves it more than you,
cheers Jacqui

madcapmum said...

It's so frustrating that they'll put all that money into hospital care, and next to none into homecare, isn't it? Same thing up here with the public system. Homecare is soooo much more economical, but nope, for whatever reason (doctors busywork?) they kick and scratch at the idea. Best to you and Ray and everyone.

Gina said...

Ah yes, it's the 18th, Happy Birthday Ann!

And I don't know if you've talked about this before (sorry if you have) but what do you think about Barry Bonds? We are big baseball fans over here, but no so much of Mr. Barry. ;)

B.J.W. said...

Hi Ann, got back home and was so sorry to hear about Ray, i have had to play the goverments stupid red tape with my husbands disability and it is so frustrating, i can REALLY relate to all you have to go through, don't get me started ,i could write a book . Your Friend, Bett W.

ipodmomma said...

sending you thoughts and prayers that someone will get their head in the right place, and get this all sorted!!!

until then, I send much love too...

Lavender Dawn said...

"and put away four baskets of clean clothes that I had let pile up over the weekend (well maybe a little longer)."

me too! it never ends and it keeps coming! I hate it! It ends up on my bed and then Austin throws it on the floor and I pick it up and it gets on the floor...

"I may try to do a little reading - sometimes that makes me sleepy."

This works. But I tend to forget that it works and lay there tryig to sleep. *sigh*

Kendra Lynn said...

Thanks for the welcome. :) You make me smile while I read.